Yoyne (Piotr Nowak) is a London-based multidisciplinary artist. He is a graduate of Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design (SAPU) and he also completed Furniture Restoration Course at London Metropolitan University.


Yoyne about his work:” I tend to translate my perception of the world into colours and forms and then place them onto various objects, which this way become ‘canvas’ of my paintings. These paintings then can tell multiple stories; it all depends on the viewer which story is told. Apart from using ‘traditional’ canvas I tend to ‘recycle’ and use old pieces of furniture, mirrors and fabrics to paint on them. This way my art, my painting also becomes an ‘object of everyday use’. I believe that this world of colours can reflect emotions and memories – it can create new feelings and can heal – it’s a creative surge that can engulf you once you start to explore, feel and respond. It all depends on how you take it.”