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26 June - 1 July 2017


PV Wed 28 June 2017, 6-8:30pm






























"Maybe it is naive to say art is the universal language, and that we can open windows for all to see that we are one community. Yet, if art can’t, nothing can."


At a time when the current mood has shifted to a somewhat dystopian ‘Brave New World’ and we see a new drive towards anti-immigration and globalization rather than tolerance and integration; with a move to put up walls and boundaries, rather than openings and collaboration, Gabriel Fine Art proudly present a group show entitled, Universal Language, which brings together international visual artists whose work reiterate the power of the universal symbol and how interconnected we are to the world around us. These range of works include images of dictators and politicians with questions of what kind of future lays ahead for us, to works that look at the connections of people and place, sharing a common thread in our lives. Universal Language demonstrates how art transcends its cultural matrix and can speak directly to our common humanity.

The current social and political climate might look bleak, but the creative arts have never looked better,

enriched with content and imagination.




Beka Brayer, Nick Dale, Tara Dinic, Amr Fadl, Klaus Grape, Adriaan van Heerden, Nasia Houvardas,Dagur Jonsson, Lara Julian, Brian Martin, Parjam Parsi, Grant Smith, Andrew Southall , Josee St-Amant, Roberto Trementino, Steven Van Hasten, James Vaulkhard, Gianfranco Varela, Christine E Walters, Robert Wilkinson and Sarah Wilson.