The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.    W. Somerset Maugham


Venue: 508 Kings Road Gallery, Chelsea       Dates: 23 - 31 January 2018

























We proudly present the 8th installment of Unity in Variety in the beautifully light and open 2-tier gallery of 508 Kings Road, Chelsea. Boasting an eclectic mix of artworks in a range of media, sizes and styles, this exciting group of artists will dazzle and enchant you with vivid colours and textures from thriving cultures around the world. The ethos of the show is rooted in the global narratives that unite and connect us all, reminding us how art is without barriers or restrictions, only questions of our existence by the interaction we have and our place in the natural world. Come join us at our PV on Fri 26 Jan 6-8:30pm and we promise to uplift your spirits and engage your senses with both wonder and delight.



Special Guests: fine art underwater photographer Zena Holloway and Toni the Maldive Lady with her collection of stunning images showcasing the beauty of Maldives.


Other artists include:


Other artists include:


Melissa Budasz - Tom Bushnell - Geoff Dunlop - Tony Fandino - Martina Furlong - Zena Holloway

Lara Julian - Arthur van der Laan - Sue Maud - Patrick O’Neil - Ann Palmer - Parjam Parsi

Beata Maria Rzepecka - Anna Sims - Jennifer Suellen - Oscar Tarneberg - Bianca Turner - Izabela Venuso


Private Show:  Friday 26th January 6-8:30pm     RSVP to      

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