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Johanna Amnelin


Johanna was born in 1976 in Turku, Finland. She lives and works as an entrepreneur in Salo. This award winning photographer from Finland has exhibited in various exhibitions around the globe including Switzerland, London, Helsinki, Somero, etc.  She works as a photographer and a designer in her own small business called Ateljee Amnelin.


Marta Balogh


Márta Balogh is an artist living in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is a member of the Swedish organization for arts and crafts, Kontsthantverkscentrum Riksorganisationen. She works with textile pictures and paintings in mixed media.


Through her work she develops old traditions as image stitching (which has been around since the 1600s), knitting, jewellery with recycled circuit boards, artistic cards, painted images in large and small format etc. she uses materials such as traditional wool, homespun and linen fabric from Romania (her country of origin) from a manufacture in Transylvania where a small group of women live from the production of wool and wool products.


To 'sculpture' pictures of wool has become her brand characteristics. Even in the knitted garments she uses sculptural designs. The materials she uses are earthy and unstained. Her work is fairly monochromatic, but she also uses red, black and white stripes in cotton in her artwork, which has become a hallmark. She is inspired by Transylvanian folk art, the magic of kelim carpets and certain primitive arts. She uses only natural materials and articulates her own expressions that she has not seen elsewhere. In her painted pictures she uses the same symbols and the same colours as in the knit.


Aarti Gautam Bartake


Singapore based artist Aarti Gautam Bartake was born in the culturally vibrant city of Pune in India. She draws on feelings and emotions evoked by situations experienced throughout her life and travelling adventures as inspiration for her art. Her passion for the vibrancy of colours is amply evident in her work.


Most of her works are done with Acrylics on stretched canvas. She uses fine to broad brush strokes and combines different mediums, textures and washes to get a desired effect.


Bartake was the winner of Most Favourite Painting in the Singapore 50’ fort canning park contest. As well as the winner of the Silhouette Contest organized by Fine Art America.




Haitian origin artist Kayava about his work:


“We live with spirits. They are part of us. They are watching us.


I can see them, feel them, talk to them, represent them. They draw the lines, the forms, the colors of my art. Their shadows guide my inspiration. My art reflects the prophecy of the spirits. It expresses deep mystic, intrinsic, abyssal messages. My art is my inner. I am a messenger. Through my art I reveal to those who can see the hidden world of my culture and my religion.”


Yve Poucet


Born in Belgium, moved many times with her globetrotting husband and lived in Belgium, France, Italy, USA, Caribbean. She now divides her time between the Caribbean and Italy.


Artist about her work: "With no “formal” art education, I find it difficult to define myself an artist.

I enjoy the luxury of not having to work full time and be able to paint. Every unbroken canvas,  holds a world of possibilities, of magic within.  The challenge before every empty canvas, the anticipation of what will be... is it just me who is tantalized or also the artist who has a “formal” degree in the arts? You immerse yourself in your work, forget about the world around you and paintand paint and  then, with every exhibition you find yourself naked before the public.


My art language has changed moving to the Caribbean. Watercolors seemed not strong enough to grab everything  I discovered around me and I started playing with acrylics. My love of nature and life is reflected in my paintings. The powerful use of light and shadow, the juxtaposed mixtures of subtle and saturated color are my interpretation of the world around me. My favorite subject, painted on location or in my studio, is the rich variety of vegetation I have observed in the Tropics and the lovely people who live on these splendid islands. It’s what makes me “tic”.  Sun and moonlight reflected on clouds and landscapes, lush fruits, exotic flowers and palms.  I’m also inspired by the different personalities of the people of the Caribbean, I look at their  faces, their body language, I observe scenes of everyday life and try to incorporate all this in my  work.  Hoping to reveal my affinity with things tropical, in my paintings."


Jonas Profil


Profil was born in Fort Liberte, near Cap Haitien on July 22, 1957. His father was a souvenir vendor. At age 18 Jonas took the money given to him for school and bought art supplies. Since that day he has been a painter. Although he now lives and paints in Port-au-Prince, he considers himself a Capois and signs his work 'Cap Haitien". His paintings are wry observations on Haitian life rendered in pale and pastel colors that are unique for Haiti. Many of his paintings are laced with generous doses of fantasy. In Michelle Granjean's wonderful book, Artistes in Haiti, Profil says that his paintings speak uniquely of peace and love. He is a vodouist, and feels that the problems in that religion are caused by men, not the religion.


Makenol Profil


Haitian origin surrealist painter. Makenol about his work:


“Synergy - Nature & Humanity


Nature witnesses our actions and beliefs. It conveys messages from the past to the present. My paintings reflect this synergy between trees & human beings. They live together, proctecting & nurturing each other. My work invites you to enter into a secret art world. A world where you can visualize the peaceful nature of a true harmony. My stories illuminate those who still believe that nature is an artefact.


Jose G. Sunday


Jose G. Sunday was born one day of may of the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-two in Spain, later on moved to Oslo (Norway) where it has remainded the last thirty-five years. Studied draftsmanship, he is RD Diploma in interior design and Diploma in graphic design, and has several corses in painting and art history, and marketing.


In the professional field has participated in various projects of design as a freelancer and executed jobs to individuals. He has exibited paintings in several countries and selected net-based galleries. Since 1996 has focused on his artistic activities and literary, publishing numerous texts and various books of poems.


Artist about his work: "The majority of my work is, at its score, a display of life’s colourful rainbow and form full compositions. For me colours symbolize virtue and wholeness, a colourful environment that can affect space bay enhancing form in any given time and room. Through my art practice, as well as my designs, this aspect of colour are taken into their limits of expression, paintings and designs created from the bases of colour defining the form. I started as a designer so the aspect of colour are understandable in my visual expression, but design also has the elements of composition, which without there is no use of colour in an expressive way. So colours and composition are the basics of all works, both painting and designing, I hope that this reach the observer in a way that makes it a worthwhile experience.


Gino Tintin


Haitian origin artist Gino Tintin about his work:


My universe is inhabited with phantasmagorical figures.


They reflect the freedom of my thoughts, the deepness of my beliefs.


They express my identity, the richness of my culture,


the heritage of my fathers.


They represent wisdom & love.


They reveal the metamorphosis of ideas, of beings, of life, of societies.


My art echoes my spirituality.


It brings serenity to those who dive into the world


and hear the soft melody of these wise creatures.



Teresa Wicksteed


A Fine Art graduate of Falmouth University, Teresa creates a timeless zone where you may lose yourself for a while. Since she nearly died many years ago, she has given creative expression to the transcendent light she was aware of during her Near Death Experience. Inner vision from daily meditation reminds her of this Light. In paint, she re-captures her experience of moments out of time. Her work is a conjuring up of the unseen - an evocation of incorporeal energies. Despite this, the physicality of the oil dictates the finished form of the work; she uses instinctive mark-making within a strict process of layering and waiting, concealment and revelation. For Teresa, the fascination of painting is in the process: the hidden layers (like the internal workings of our bodies) give the work its life.  Her layering and glazing technique is very slow, so slowness/time is encapsulated within the layers of each piece. Since her degree show in 2002, her painting has developed organically and instinctively, and though still emerging from her inner core, her current work reveals an authentic individual signature style.  Many of Teresa Wicksteed`s works have found homes in therapeutic locations: buyers range from a consultant psychiatrist to osteopathy, yoga and acupuncture practices, hospices, and Dame Stephanie Shirley`s school for autistic young adults.




Yoyne (Piotr Nowak) is a London-based multidisciplinary artist. He is a graduate of Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design (SAPU) and he also completed Furniture Restoration Course at London Metropolitan University.


Yoyne about his work:” I tend to translate my perception of the world into colours and forms and then place them onto various objects, which this way become ‘canvas’ of my paintings. These paintings then can tell multiple stories; it all depends on the viewer which story is told. Apart from using ‘traditional’ canvas I tend to ‘recycle’ and use old pieces of furniture, mirrors and fabrics to paint on them. This way my art, my painting also becomes an ‘object of everyday use’. I believe that this world of colours can reflect emotions and memories – it can create new feelings and can heal – it’s a creative surge that can engulf you once you start to explore, feel and respond. It all depends on how you take it


Tanzanian Fine Art


The modern sculptors represented here reflect  in their work themes in society and African culture . The ‘Life Trees’, showing people supporting one another, have become a common theme of artists Since President Nyerere asked sculptors and artists to reflect people helping one another in the then socialist Tanzania.


The world of spirits and Jinns in African shamanism  underpins Tanzanian society, and it often influences the work of carvers.  Joseph Nyunga, for example, had a dream in 1987 of the spirit that powers hurricanes and his work is often heavily influenced y this experience and  his impression of this spirit.


Most sculptors come from generations of carvers and have learnt their techniques  while at primary school, from grandfathers, fathers and uncles.


Tanzanian Fine Art in partnership with the Gabriel Art Gallery hope to raise awareness of  this little known aspect of  African art.






"The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety."


W. Somerset Maugham