Artists on Show:


Sholto Blissett

Rosemary E Boyd

Andreea Cataros

Annabel Collins

Ben Dickson

Slavomir Golonko

Melanie Gow

Klaus Grape

Yana Kapoustin

Gayane Karapetyan

Erhard Stöbe

Inness Mc Dougall

Javier Molina

Shavkat Muratov

Jette Reinert

Teresa Wicksteed



Unity in Variety IV


The fourth group exhibition

at Gabriel Fine Art highlighting the power and wealth of diversity in art today.



"The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety."


W. Somerset Maugham

Join us to see the best art from a wide range of artists! This September at Gabriel Fine Art.



Private Show  Friday 4th September 6-10pm

The exhibition includes a special display of fine art photographs by our artist resident


Curtis Radclyffe

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Curtis Radclyffe Rising

Curtis Radclyffe Sea Cloud

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Sholto is a young (19) and extremely talented British  artist studying Geography for a BA at Durham. His paintings are the result of a deep-seated attachment to watery landscape and the subtle depiction of ephemeral subject matter that often occurs within them. The work also draws upon the relevance of place and the symbiotic relationship between humans and landscapes and is significantly influenced by the writings of Robert Macfarlane and Philip Marsden. Although a central theme of this work is the depiction of landscape as a re-interpretation of late 18th century romanticism and 20th century exponents such as John Piper, it is also influenced by the more abstract and design-oriented styles of artists such as Kurt Jackson and Emma Stibbon RA.




Lisa was born in Shanghai and lived in China for several years.  Looking for new horizons, the family moved to Canada.  Montreal became their base and where she completed her school years.  After college in Lausanne, Lisa resided in London and spent fifteen years travelling throughout Europe as a rep for Thomas Cook & Son.  She speaks Italian, French and Spanish.


Lisa finally settled in South Florida and is passionate about the architecture, colours, music and most of all the people.  As an artist, she became enchanted with the area's depth of soul and love of life which reach out to everyone.  Coming from a family of artists, it was natural for her to put hand to brush and paint.  Lisa has become an award winning artist and exhibited extensively in South Florida.


Artist about her work: “In my small way, I have a mission to promote communication and understanding between people from all parts of the world and walks of life.  Art can usually transcend cultural and religious differences and bring a ray of hope to our beleaguered world.”




Born in Constanta in 1981, in Dobrogea, South-Eastern of Romania, Andreea has always enjoyed to believe that she bears inside fragments of tradition and colour which have marked the past of this multifarious, but relatively atypical area, of her country.


About her work: “The story with painting is new and old at the same time, and experiences so far have only hall-marked me continuously, modelling my artistic journey in accordance with the major changes I crossed. Permanently anchored in reality and deeply in love with the science of the living, through romantically, sometimes almost idealistically, I resonate in vibrant colours but… I always return to a neutral area, dominated by black and white, where I find my balance.


When painting, mostly I love letting myself carried by moment’s inspiration, discovering new sensations and effects, permanently experimenting.

Thanks to my relatively paradoxical personality, over time, I found myself oscillating, from iconicity and landscape, to indefinite lines and shapes, so that, further, I would tend to accommodate all in a new artistic structure, eclectic, inclined towards the abstract, but always keeping the concrete traces of a scientific professional training.


Though change defines me entirely, art has always constituted an integral part of my life, as the need to create is manifesting itself as a true leitmotiv, a live energy channeling my existence of what I am today.


As an artist, I always consider my works as the representative form of who I was when I created them, a visual result of both my emotional and mental states. A thought, a sensation, sometimes just the mark of an impression left from what I see around me is the starting point of a new journey between forms and lines, colours and shades.


From a white canvas to the last, finishing touches my paintings are going through a whole process of adding and subtracting and multiple, transparent layers of paint define the work in its final complexity. By blending and overlapping the spots of vivid colour with the geometrical shapes, the image comes to life in a form that surprises the eyes and excites the mind.


Thick and heavy layers of paint are not a constant characteristic of my artworks, but I often like to add some texture at a certain point, for a better representation of the different elements that define the composition. I work mainly with acrylics, but sometimes depending on my intentions, I prefer to include a whole variety of different mediums and materials in order to be fully satisfied at the end of my creative process.  For me, painting is the best way to share my ideas and impressions, connecting my inner universe with the outside world.”




Annabel Collins is an innovative artist with a background in textile and design. She studied at Manchester School of Art and London College of Fashion. Annabel’ s unique approach to oil painting arrives from her love of illustration and screen printing. This process impacts her work as she carefully selects and mixes tonal shades for a distinctive and successful colour palette. Annabel feels most comfortable working on paper as this permits great hand drawn detail. The oil colour comes secondarily and is liberally applied to give a sense of depth.


Annabel’ s subjects are mainly architectural. Born and raised in London she portrays her love and familiarity of the city through the detail in her drawing where she allows us to engage with decorative ornament. Annabel’ s playful personality shines through in her artwork as she permits her imagination to fill empty spaces in her composition. The paintings do not always highlight perfection, but allow us to appreciate London as it is, with all its quirky defects, including areal cables, pigeons and gulls that scavenge our streets and skies.




Father of three Ben Dickson grew up in the countryside near Edenbridge but moved back to Whitstable from Hackney about eight years ago "to give the children a better place to live."


His studio was in the process of being established when I visited, but the kitchen, his current working space, is large and airy, decorated with many of Ben’s works. These include a large woodcut of a huge bulldog, with a distinctly oriental feel. "I wanted to make a big, manly statement," says Ben.

The work, however, also refers to depression, or what Churchill called his ‘dark days’ and there is an element of the British bulldog, but "more like a trickster dog, more aggressive, the depression coming out."


Ben has worked as a psychotherapist and has been particularly concerned with aggression. He has a postgraduate diploma in Art Psychotherapy following an education at Epsom Art College, then Goldsmith’s College to study Art Therapy. He tells me: "To make a living out of art you need some accrued skill either from a natural attribute or from some training. To stand out you have to have something of note. I’m going down the road of a crafted object, which is the lino cut."




Slavomir is a Polish – based artist designer, sculptor and scenographer. He has studied: Wood Technology, Forestry and Artistic Education.  His impressive portfolio includes sculpturing and bas-relief, furniture designing, elements of clothing, decorations and interior designing. Through his work Slavomir refers strongly to the elements of nature and he likes to expose the beauty of nature in its original and unchanged form. He continuously cooperates with the Polish TV (TVP) as a stage designer and since 2006 he’s been a member of Polish Stage Artists Association in the stage designing section. He designs decoration for various projects  including artistic performances, concerts, company parties, art&music meetings, campaigns, and many more…


Slavomir has been commissioned to create several openwork sculptures (wire, net) for TV companies and large festivals (TVP President awards for International Festival of Film and Television Schools Mediaschool" in Lodz, 2004 and XXX International Film Festival in Gdynia, 2005) The sculptures and reliefs-bas are presented at Sluzew Community Centre, 15 Bacha Street, Warsaw; Sarenka Gallery, 8 Waszkiewicza Street, Bialowieza; Legal office Kondrat, 223/1 Niepodleglosci Street, Warsaw.




Born and brought up in Kitale, a remote town in Kenya, East Africa, Melanie’s father handed her his Pentax when she was six and her mother taught her to read before she went to school. She has travelled with a pen and a camera ever since.


Studying both Art, and Dramatic Art, she went into film-making initially; she was the first British woman director with a film released in cinemas, writing and directing a feature film that was awarded Best Woman Director at The Festróia Festival Internacional de Cinema de Tróia.

Then she had children and her eldest son was chronically ill. She looked after him full-time and, with a change in his treatment, he recovered. She spent the next five years researching why her approach worked and wrote a book to help others. Toasters Don’t Roast Chickens: the story of an ordinary mum who challenged conventional medical thinking and transformed the health of her chronically-ill child, was published in 2008.


She is also the author of Walking With Angels, the true story of walking with her sons, aged 12 and 16, for 33 days over the Pyrenees and across Spain for 800km to Santiago de Compostela. Her Photographic Art has exhibited in London, Edinburgh, Windsor, Reading, Henley and Maidenhead, and has been featured on the cover of a book. She has also been commissioned to create images for cultural initiatives and collaborative art projects, and her work is in private collections in the UK, Canada, USA, Malaysia, France, Germany, Italy and Spain Australia and South Africa.

Melanie Gow is a speaker, writer and photographic artist who creates Illuminated Found Poetry pieces, that combine her photographs with drawing, painting and text from favourite books, to tell stories of the inner landscapes of human experience.


She takes up her passion walks out into the fray and looks for beauty and meaning in a radical act of love for life. “Despite the perils and chances of error that frustrate us, make us fumble, and wander on the boundary of the unknown, we forge meaning in the tender struggle with the unfamiliar; and in getting lost we find ourselves .” Melanie is always asking why we are drawn to one particular moment over another, on this pathless adventure travelled in the name of our dreams, called life.




Klaus Grape was born in Munich on 27 June 1961  Expelled from his grammar school over a painting, he attended Munich Design School and subsequently studied architecture, graduating as an interior designer in 1984.  Some years of travel around the world followed: In Africa Klaus worked on store an exhibition design projects and held two exhibitions in the National Art Museum and the Natalie Knight Gallery in South Africa, displaying a cross-section of his early artistic works. It is unsurprising that he won an art  competition to commemorate the 100th year of Johannesburg’s foundation. Back in Munich/Germany he set up a small architect’s office but dedicated his creativity and heart  to art. In this time he completed several projects with Wolfgang Flatz. Klaus Grape has been a professional artist since 2000. Exhibitions of his work have been held in Greater Munich, Baden-Baden, Bremen, Düsseldorf and Berlin. His art work is displayed in many private residences throughout Europe, South Africa and Canada including several public collections including the collection at the headquarters of the Bavarian Broadcasting Association.

Klaus is currently working on two series,  “cosmos and empathy” and “mystery time”   which are inspired by the interactions between cosmos, nature and time. He lives and works in Munich/Bavaria.



Yana Kapoustin is a Luxembourg – based artist painter. Her favourite style is post-impressionism and she chose to work with oil on canvas. As a qualified art therapist Yana works mainly with children.  Her paintings have been exhibited in Luxemburg, Brussel and London.  Yana’s vibrant work captures the dynamics and beauty of nature and her distinctive style has been appreciated by private collectors around Europe and in the UK.




Gaya is an independent abstract artist from Toronto. She has had extensive experience in varied fields, ranging from a degree in education in Biology to Event planning but finally found her true calling in Art.


The common theme of her creation infers the artist’s abstractive reflection on, and interpretation of, the natural world and phenomena. Her paintings include natural environments and objects, single elements of natural phenomena and geographical ambiance, panoramic view, and wildlife. The intent is to show the captivating power of colour of the landscapes and seascapes, light refractions in the texture of flowers, mysterious fluctuations of water and deviational patterns of the moving natural forms. The paintings feature an area of land or water, including their physical elements such as mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, flowers and other vegetation, as well as any transitory elements such as weather conditions.  


About her work:  

“For me, creation through the art is the sublime freedom to express myself. Music is that powerful source of inspiration, which induces my profound emotions, plays on the strings of imagination and culminates in a refined creativity of artwork.

My paintings can be described as continuous abstract variations on the theme of the beauty of nature. They associatively correlate and thematically complement each other. From the pure abstraction perspective, the goal is to introduce colours as unconventional identifiers of the nature themes.”




Born in  1943 in Vienna, Erhard has lived in Austria, Denmark and Italy. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and he used to teach painting at the University of applied Arts. Since 2003 he’s been a freelance painter and a conservator.

He had his first exhibition of watercolours in 1967. He then transitioned to painting

with acrylics after 1968 and to oils I the 1980s. Erhard paints mainly in series of up to 40 works in total. Some of the most important collections created in the last thirty years are "The Problem of Colour", "The Pre-Socratic Colours", "Black on Black", "Some Variations on a Theme from Gauguin" He describes his current style as "Allochromatic” and he’s been working in it for the last three years. He likes using metallic oil colours. Artist about his work: “Working in this particular style can be compared to a musician restricting himself to compose in a pentatonic scale.  This "Allochromatic" period will go on as long I will be inspired to paint in this method.”




Inness is from a very small island off the west coast of Scotland. He has always had a love for art however it has always only been a pass time. He studied digital art and taught himself how to paint digitally. While studying digital art he discovered how much he loves physically painting and drawing and he hasn’t looked back since.


About his work:

" I am a conceptual portrait artist. Eyes are my main subject showing expression in its simplest form. With my use of negative space and colour I try to create a unique, modern and illustrative style."




Javier is a graduate of the New York School of Photography (1966-69) and Fordham University, New York (1965-69) BA in Theistic Humanism. He exhibited extensively in the city of his birth, La Paz Bolivia, between 1978 and 1984. Co-author of 'Imágenes Paceñas' with Jaime Saenz, presently a classic in the city it portrays, already in its third edition. Worked in the field of photography for the past 30 years in various capacities, from lab technician to photographer and graphic designers.


The presented images are a part of a collection, a concerted effort of a year's work based on the concept expressed by Alfred Steiglitz: "it is not what I see but how I see it". This concept relies on the interpretation of the seen by means of post production and extensive manipulation of the original photograph. Four images are presented here to demonstrate this concept: two are image manipulations that I choose to call 'Imaginations' which are a construct of various photographs into a single concept. The other two are landscapes, portraying the subtle versatility of light and colour.




Shavkat is a London –based artist sculptor, a graduate from the Art Academy in Moscov, Russia. In 2003 he was awarded an RBA from the The Royal Society of British Artists Sculpture.  


“Majority of my pieces have grown from the notion of the universality of life and order within varying forms of life, has no real variety only differing levels of disorder or discontinuity. All living things have, by definition, their own energy and although they involve great structural variety of form, movement and energy are the essence of being. I have attempted to bring forms to their structural minimum and reconstitute the individual parts into collective in order to bring the universality of being from the collective unconscious into the consciousness of (those who interact with the works) the viewers. ” Says the artist about his work.




A Fine Art graduate of Falmouth University, Teresa creates a timeless zone where you may lose yourself for a while. Since she nearly died many years ago, she has given creative expression to the transcendent light she was aware of during her Near Death Experience. Inner vision from daily meditation reminds her of this Light. In paint, she re-captures her experience of moments out of time. Her work is a conjuring up of the unseen - an evocation of incorporeal energies. Despite this, the physicality of the oil dictates the finished form of the work; she uses instinctive mark-making within a strict process of layering and waiting, concealment and revelation. For Teresa, the fascination ofpainting is in the process: the hidden layers (like the internal workings of our bodies) give the work its life.  Her layering and glazing technique is very slow, so slowness/time is encapsulated within the layers of each piece.


Since her degree show in 2002, her painting has developed organically and instinctively, and though still emerging from her inner core, her current work reveals an authentic individual signature style.  Many of Teresa’s works have found homes in therapeutic locations: buyers range from a consultant psychiatrist to osteopathy, yoga and acupuncture practices, hospices, and Dame Stephanie Shirley`s school for autistic young adults.