Underwater Worlds


Open: 13th - 22nd of June      Private View: Wednesday 15th 6-9pm


At: the Greenwich Gallery, SE10 8RS

Surfacing - smallest Juul

Explore the mysterious depths of Underwater Worlds in Gabriel Fine Arts’ new exhibition. Through this variety of artists the exhibition explores different perspectives, understandings and ideas of the hidden depths at the deepest points of our world.


Under our oceans and seas live worlds separate from the hustle and bustle of societies structures. As the ever-fluid dimensions are naturally inhospitable to humans these depths have evolved in untarnished and uninhibited ways. Sometimes preserving times of past, present and future from the everyday lives of us above ground.


Come and see what the artists have found under the waters...some depict literal sea creatures whereas others have more transient representations of the subconscious and imagination. With the cosmic depths of the waters lie the unbounded depths of imagination.


The exhibition is inspired by the significant British Museum exhibition ‘Sunken Cities’ and the ancient worlds that they discovered:


‘Submerged under the sea for over a thousand years, two lost cities of ancient Egypt were recently rediscovered. Their story is told for the first time in this blockbuster exhibition.’


Exhibiting Artists:


Nektarios Aposporis, Apollo, Nik Burns,  Fabian Forban, Margaret Juul,

Sue Maud, Mendel Samayoa, Anja Stemmer, Mayumi Takigawa, Naomi Yuki



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Nektarios Aposporis - Greece


Nektarios is a Greek fine artist whose paintings have been included in private collections in countries including Greece, France, Germany, Sweden and Guadalupe. Artist about his work: “From a very young age, painting has played a very important role in my life, since it has been my big love. Both, my French mother and my Greek father, encouraged me to follow my talent in painting pictures. I was fortunate enough to study and develop my art skills, learning from acknowledged and significant teachers, so even before reaching adulthood, I sat and successfully passed my exams in Paris at École des beaux arts. In the last five years, I started taking part in group exhibitions, in the "fistiki fest" (a cultural event on the island of Aegina, also the place I now reside and do most of my artwork). The last two years I have presented my work in two personal exhibitions hosted by the Folklore Museum of Aegina.”


Apollo – California, USA


Apollo is an internationally acclaimed environmental artist from the U.S. who has worked with environmental groups and nonprofits for over 30 years to help raise awareness and funding through the arts.


Apollo was the featured artist at the first "ECO EXPO" at the L.A. Convention Center. During the 1990s Apollo was the artist for the Honolulu Zoological Society. In 2005, Apollo's art was featured at the Ronald Reagan presidential Library. In 2007, Apollo was taken to China by the Foundation of American Cultural Exchanges. Apollo's Art has been used on countless products over the years and his work has been licensed by several Fortune500 companies.


Apollo's underwater paintings of Atlantis show the blending and archaeological diverseness between both the early Greek and Egyptian civilizations.


Artist about his work: "The beauty of our planet should be held in respect as well as reverence and awe! As the caretakers of this precious jewel called Earth, it is our duty to become more harmonious with our environment; for what we hold in our hands is a trust for future generations. What we do today, creates tomorrow."


Nik Burns – United Kingdom


Working from the beautiful Shropshire hills Nik creates one of a kind sculptures of Animal, Fish and Insect forms. The combination of nature with machine is central to his practice and offers a common theme throughout the work. The sculptures featured here are made predominantly from wood and metal and are designed for interior display.


Fabian Forban - Germany


Munich based photographer and artist Fabian Forban is fascinated by astronomy, quantum physics, the super-string-theory and a possible successor to Einstein’s theory of relativity. His artworks are seeking to find and push known boundaries, since Fabian believes in multiple dimensions and universes. The combination of photography with digital art is often found in his artworks to approach the new perceptions influenced by the digital age using figurative and abstract elements with surrealist tendencies. The semitransparent, translucent artworks can be interpreted as an invitation for a journey through time dimensions, universes and layered realities. Fabian holds a Master of Arts in Communication and Art History from Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich and worked as journalist for various German magazines and TV-stations before concentrating completely on his art two years ago.


Margaret Juul – Florida, USA


Tumbling underneath waves amidst effervescent aquatones, Margaret Juul's compositions are fresh and original expressions of the colors and patterns of water in motion.  The artist uses her imagination to distill the kinetic essence of something never at rest. Irregular shapes of green and blue cover the canvas, reminiscent of the brilliant marine hues that convey water in 19th century Japanese woodblock prints.  Close inspection reveals rough, textured surfaces from the thick application of media on linen, including oil, acrylic and oil pastel, reiterating the earthly and organic nature of her subject.


Throughout her life, Margaret Juul has a perused her gift of inventive creativity.


After training in fine art studies at Chicago's Columbia College, she furthered her advanced education in interior design at The International Academy of Design and Technology.  By 2007, she had accumulated an extraordinary portfolio, as well as acceptance into the prestigious International Interior Design Association; specializing in color, custom textiles, décor and fine art selection. One of the highlights of her diverse artistic career came in 2009, when the Iraq Museum International requested her image "Rough Wake" for the International Poster Exhibition at their museum in Baghdad. "Rough Wake" would remain on display there for nearly two years. A collection of the 'Reflections' series was acquired in March 2014 and added to the newly remodeled NYU Surgical Center Endocrine and Diabetes Suite at the main patient facility; 550 First Avenue, NYC. The work was procured directly through exclusive NYU Artists Acquisitions Department.  Not only was it was an honor, but also a high point in her career. Margaret's artistic life has always been inspired by the Sea. From the shores of her New York birthplace and on to Chicago's Lake Michigan- to the spectacular tropics of Tampa Bay where she currently resides, water has held an unwavering hold on her spirit — fluidity, intuition and reflective volatility.


As a successful professional artist and designer for more than two decades, she has cultivated a long list of devoted supporters. Her work displays


prominently in a wide variety for settings—from celebrity homes, corporate lobbies, to commercial and hospitality sites internationally.


Sue Maud – United Kingdom


Having sailed for many years, much of Sue’s work deals with erosion and power, through experiences of sailing the oceans and including the people of the sea. The work tries to create the feeling of 'being' and allows the viewer to experience elements of strength and terrifying beauty against frailty. It’s a look at the sea and its landscapes from the sea, a unique insight into natures power.


Artist about her work: “My paintings, etchings and prints deal with erosion and power, which are often found through experience with the sea and its many moods, not necessarily from land but first hand at sea, sailing the ocean.


Much of my work incorporates textures from ground rocks, sand and weed. The sea & land formation causing erosion, transforming land, rocks, sky and sea; affecting nature’s wild life, human life and emotions causing tension, acute sensation, release of energy, but also tranquillity. These aspects are affecting my work with elements of strength, terrifying awesome might and beauty.  


Printmaking work comprises of etchings, monoprints, light sensitive, lino, and collage. Painting includes acrylic, watercolour, mixed medium, texture, print and oil. This work emphasises the frightening speed at which our planet including ourselves are changing to element reaction.  “


Mendel Samayoa - Guatemala


Mendel Samayoa, Architect and Filmmaker sees himself as having been a visual artist since birth. Very early on teachers and family members noticed his skill with plastic, and this continued all the way through school.


His career has left a path of successful and diverse contributions in different fields; from graphic design, comic-drawing and storyboard art, to professional photography, sculpture, set, industrial, and interior design, art direction, live event production and architectural design. He’s known as a producer for having undertaken some of the greater productions held in his native country Guatemala such as well-known feature films and theater productions.


Mendel Samayoa showed his art pieces for the first time in an individual exhibit in the 80s while still an Architecture student. This collection was then shown at the Sudent Center for his Alma Matter, which resulted in a permanent exhibit at one of Guatemala’s tourist landmarks. Right after this he moved to Chile and started a new phase exploring expressionism, having several exhibits and teaching in Santiago. There he used acrylic and started using oil, which is now his most common expression.


Once back in his home country, Guatemala, he settled in one of the Cultural Capitals of the world: Antigua. There he taught and mentored students in art expression. Slowly but surely he started to get noticed again and his work was exhibited in several art spots of the city.


Samayoa´s career is marked by a special invitation to the Havana Biennale to screen his short films. He also exhibited a well-known series of four large pieces in Paris, two or three solo exhibits in Guatemala and many more collective shows in the art gallery he funded together with four other architect-painters. His exploration has taken him to use thick oils on canvas, showing figurative expressionism as a means to build his own language. A few years ago he started developing his very own anthropomorphic style with strong gestures and strong characters portrayed with carbon crayons and ink over impressive textures of layered oil colors, on different materials.


Recently, he participated in THE OTHER ART FAIR, London, October 2015 and then April 2016. His pieces were top sellers of the collective Latinaria 2015 to the London public and he was invited again in April 2016 where he performed a live painting show. Just a week after he presented a solo exhibit and performed again in London, he signed with Gabriel Fine Arts, for three further exhibits for the upcoming year.


Mendel is currently considered one of the most prolific artists from Guatemala in all his different ways of expression. “Just can´t stop" he says, while keeping a steady production of fresh aesthetics, he is also spreading his ideas and becoming a well-known artist in Guatemala. He has also been invited for a solo exhibit at the National Palace of Culture in July.


“The human being tells a new and deep story with each gesture, with each position and its relation to the environment.”


“My research focused on human gestures for years, while wearing my other “hat” as a film director, submerged me in deep observation of the human being as an individual and as a social being, an artistic anthropology that served me to analyse bit by bit each milimetric expression of people and groups of people.”


“Never looking at race, religion, preferences or ideas, human beings have a deep gesture, natural and universal.”


“All this long time observation together with my permanent study –since childhood- of the pencil and it´s undertaking of the human figure, dragged me for more than half a century now in an unstoppable vorágine of stories in canvas.  I tell open-ended stories for the public to complete, project and even guess in each piece I sign.”


Anja Stemmer – Germany


Anja Stemmer is a Munich based artist painter. She usually starts her artworks based on an idea of a color composition, which she evolves dynamically and in a process oriented way into an informal, abstract expressionist artwork. Since she has been born and raised at the lake of Constance, water has

always been a source of inspiration for her work. Her works can be found in private collections in the US, Costa Rica, UK, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.


Mayumi Takigawa - Japan


Mayumi Takigawa is a Japanese illustrator who lives and works in Japan. She graduated from Japan School of Design and won prizes in various art shows in Tokyo. In 2014 she created a unique drawing technique named “Hanamoyo Art (flower print art)”. “Hanamoyo Art” is a kind of pointillism in which she draws animals with numerous flowers. Each flower which is about 5mm has five buds drawn carefully with a glass pen in drawing ink. In 2016 “Hanamoyo Art” attracted the agent of the Europe’s largest art fair in UK and she was invited to enter. The fair ended with a great success. She attained a chance to collaborate with Gabriel Fine Art because of it.


“I am sure that my work is full of love and makes people happy. This is possible because I draw one and only work with my hands unlike the digital arts you see a lot these days. Why don’t you come to my exhibition and feel “Hanamoyo Art”?”


Naomi Yuki - Japan


Born 1970, Osaka. Lives and works in Tokyo,Japan.


The artist about her work: “What I draw is the essence of the things. Just to be aware of one's soul. The essence expressed in original sphere with original figures on screen. The figures seen on canvas could be a number, an unit, feelings and so on. It could be a shadow of mankind.It means that we can't stop thinking.


My suggestions guide you how to FEEL than keep THINKING. And also to disprove one’s common sense.On screen I am insisting to give shape even it titled obscure word. This is uncategorized style, abstract and figurative world in one.And I am trying to create animation painting.(Animation on static panel) And I call it "Artwarp"personally.


What I care is that I make them without under drawing because I should be the first person who watch the completed work. So I work for reading what the materials wants and follow them. Put the lines,coloures,then unite. Then they give me the title.


It is very fun to be shocked by them. Because it is so unexpected. And it means the author is completely dominated by the material. Isn’t it beautiful?


As I shocked by them, tells me that the work ahead.  


I am influenced by the mentality of Gustave Moreau.His words:"I do not believe what I see or touch but I believe what I can not see or what I feel" is just reality for me. And during academic years, I'd been inspired a lot by W.Kandinsky. Especially his giving shape opinion. So when I work I always pay attention to give it a shape.He said that we/artist should tell the audience what we want to say through one's work.In my case it's the thing's essence.


Also I am chasing one which won't die, live long painting.  “