Tony Fandino was born in New York City. The Museum of Modern Art had just inaugurated young people's art course. He applied for and received the one free scholarship. With his portfolio and passing the entry exams he was accepted to the highly respected School of Music and Art. He next attended the newly established School of Visual Arts. Instruction was given by famous practising artists and illustrators. In competition he received a part scholarship. In 1960 he was drafted into the US Army and spent his two years in the Dept of Comptroller of the army, Pentagon, Washington, where he supervised an office that supplied the needs of the army in graphic arts and illustration publicity. He remained in Washington as a freelance artist. Then deciding to leave America he arrived in London where fortuitously Hornsey College had just initiated a Post Graduate course for emerging professionals. The multi task courses included photography and fine art. He worked for a publications firm before becoming manager of design/art, photography and cartography for the British Tourist Authority.


Tony Fandino always sketched and painted throughout his life. He completed an accredited two year Intaglio course in Washington. Throughout extensive travel abroad he has sketched, used pastels and watercolours as well as oils. He enjoys capturing a moment in time in true definition. He was once informed by a viewer of his work "what I like in a painting is- as I walk up close to it the detail remains the  same", He achieves a finished quality, while retaining a fresh artistic impression.


Achievements and work exhibited:


Annual Art Director's Exhibition, NY

Certificate of Achievement for outstanding work, Pentagon, Wash, DC

Annual Art Director's Exhibition Wash, DC

Frederick Gallery, Georgetown, Wash, DC

Royal Watercolour Society, Bankside, London

Pastel Society, Mall Gallery, London

Society of Landscape Painters, Mall Gallery, London

Royal Society of Marine Painters, Mall Gallery, London

The Arts Club, MaYfut, London

Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea, London

Aritfact Gallery, NY

Spectrum Art Fair, Miami, Fl

Architectural Digest, Home Design Show, NY

A11 Shook Up Salon, London


He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Art, London.


The artist about his work: "I enjoy capturing the play of sunlight on water - and in landscapes. Blue skies that create deep shadows cast off by structures and beneath trees. The summer sunshine that creates a sense of hearing and smelling both the sea and countryside in my work."