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Tong bowei is currently an undergraduate on BA (Hons) Fine Art at Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), UK. When he was a child, he studied basic skill at fine arts studio. He decides come to uk to explore more experience and get ready for the future. He is very happy to realize his idea because he likes to take his idea become the real object. He interested in to make his work very interesting to look at when he finished his idea. He likes to imagine or create something through personal interested. He wants to get more experience and step by step to achieve his goal when he studied at aub.


Artist about his work: "I use different materials and subjects to show my conception of things. It helps me imagine and express the ideas in and around me. When I was a child I painted figures that interested me: Tom and Jerry and the like. Tom and Jerry is a beautiful controlled explosion of rhythm and movement, where detail and form are implicit in the dynamic: every image tells their story. It taught me detail and its relationship with form, with the overall.


Art gives my life colour. Colour and lines that express feeling and thought. It makes me perceive things and objects differently. But it is not enough to show the idea solely; the technique is too flat and simple, the effect is not strong. Real things give clear shapes and forms that make me think or feel an artwork. For example in 'Into the water' I chose metal because the thickness of the iron plate could be bent into a corrugated effect. I chose to mould long and narrow plates to people's gestures because that kind of style can make a person float freely in the water. I think it’s very interesting to express something about the idea through character and function.


Thought, feeling and skill needs to remain in balance, in focus, to control the outcome of the idea. When these three are controlled, strong energy is left behind. Nature gives me structure and visual technique. Colour allows me to relate feeling; landscape helps me to imagine figures.


When I am focused I become passionate about finishing every detail. When these details combine then I’m happy."