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Gabriel Fine Arts, London, is proud to present its summer exhibition: "The Art of Ra" showcasing three female artists whose work explore the abstract, figurative and natural world. With summer being dominated by Ra, the ancient Egyptian deity of the sun, this international exhibition bursts with representational images as well as subjective forms, unexpected bold color juxtapositions, imaginative forms and dynamic shapes which blend into noteworthy art exhibition. Spanning between two countries, this show provides a tridimensional portal of perceptions on contemporary art to art acquisitions and art connoisseurs alike.



Sue Maud, Diane Ponder and Bianca Turner are three distinguished artists who explore the contemporary season through the mediums of paintings and printing techniques. With a skillful rhythmic beat and a distinctive artistic perspective, their masterful mixed media artworks possess a universal request through their emotional representations.


Sue Maud is a British artist with a vivid and a modern abstract vision of art. Through original visual metaphors and astute perceptions, the artist masterfully displays her ability to translate the endless power of imagination onto the canvas. Commanding the emotions of her viewers with rich hues and energetic brushstrokes, Sue's compositions contemplate an explosion of color and passion. Contrasting vibrant splashes of pigment with crisp yellow backgrounds, the artist communicates undeniable beauty filled with the impalpable energies and sensations felt throughout the season.


Stylized and sophisticated, California based Bianca Turner's organic motifs reveal intricate patterning with overlapping flames blasting to create a unique, geometric composition with both conventional and recycled materials. Her mixed media paintings evoke a joyful exuberance as she transforms nature and life's emotions into a higher, more profound level through her captured enchantments. For the artist, 'art is the definition of infinity' and through her creative work she represents the continuous transmutation of the evolving essence of our daily life.


The artist Diane Ponder, from Chicago, USA, elevates quiet, intimate human moments, depicting her female subjects' internal visceral emotions with unusual grace and attention that expose the psychology of her muses. Providing the audience with a visual contrast to the subtlety and delicate features of her figurative subjects, Diane balances her composition with the coherent shapes probing the relationship between humans and nature.  The painter collaborates in her work with performer Roxani Eleni Garefalaki who's included in this exhibition. Their liaison brings to the art show the 'Gods in us' - The Mindfulness in Motion presentation; the two artists meet and their gestures are transferred, translated, the inner shown, the outer absorbed inward, reflecting an exchange of energy and meaning.