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Connectivity in Diversity


Tara Dinic


Born 1991, currently resides and works in London. She previously lived in Athens, and spent time in Belgrade and the Middle East.


Exposed to vivid colours, landscape and history during her childhood in Greece, Tara was inspired by Ancient Greek and Byzantine mosaics, particularly their craftsmanship and detail, not visible upon first glance.  


Tara's paintings currently consist of five series; Hearts, Layered Crosses, Man & Woman, Rainfall and Candy.


Hearts series: thousands of acrylic hearts on canvas, intricately close to one another yet seldom touching.


One of her pieces, Winter, was selected for the final round of the RA Summer Exhibition 2016.


She has displayed her works at the International Oxford Art Fair 2017 and has been accepted at Art Fair Malaga 2017.


She will also be exhibiting her artwork at Framers Gallery, London in June 2017


Several of Tara's pieces are exclusively represented by Gabriel Fine Arts, London.


Since 2013, she has worked for a large US construction and civil engineering company at their London offices. During her time working in the corporate world, she began painting. What started as a meditative hobby has now become a full-fledged pastime and a form of escapism.


Tara obtained a BSc in Finance from Reading University before completing an Msc in International Marketing at King’s College, London. At King’s College she took courses in digital marketing and consumer behavior which triggered her interest in the art world, how people reacted to art and the marketing of it.


In 2015, she completed a course in Art as an Investment at the Sotheby's Institute in London in order to further deepen her understanding of the workings of the art market.