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Susanne Thea is an acknowledged artist whose 72-metre ”Paraphrase of the Bayeux Tapestry”,  her exhibition " They came from the dark blue sea.."

16,5 meter dry-point and monotype picturing the battle of Clontarf 1014,  the vikings out of Ireland or ... as well as her pictorial series  " On the trail

of Hans Christian Andersen" inspired by the great writer’s experiences and famous paper cuttings  – all demonstrating a uniquely person figurative language – have attracted international attention and, understandably, a great deal of interest from museums around the world. She is a frequent visiting lecturer at several academies of art, presenting and introducing her original and witty figurative language and her favoured etching and printing techniques.


”I take a very free and experimental approach to my work, making use of more than 400-year-old graphic techniques for my copper etchings, wood engravings and monotypes. In this way I am able to create, very exactly, the image that I have in mind.”


Her detailed pictures attract attention because of their exquisite style and sense of humour; and there are new discoveries to be made every time you return to them.


”I welcome verbal and non-verbal dialogue. ’Storytelling’ is an important aspect of my art.”


Susanne Thea was born in 1954 and educated in Australia and Denmark. She has received exhibition and travel grants both at home and abroad, is a member of international graphic workshops and represented at museums in Sweden, Italy,  the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Australia and Canada as well as at museums in Denmark, Ireland, the USA and the Fiji Islands. During September-November 2014 her Paraphrase of the Bayeux Tapestry was shown at the Bayeux Tapestry Museum at Bayeux, France, and there Susanne Thea saw and explored the original embroidered Tapestry for the first time.