Born in 1978 in the Netherlands. Currently based in both the Netherlands and Spain.


Artist about his work: 'I  paint, draw and sculpt whatever I feel like!


Colours, lines, writing. I feel the sounds, I hear the motion... When I paint ,I feel free and in my own world. Putting my mind on canvas, paper or whatever I can get my hands on. It gives me satisfaction when people admire and appreciate my art. I Hope I can reach into the hearts of every each person, that is open to my work. Every moment of the day and all day, I imagine new concepts and ideas. Would there only be enough time to put it into motion. A piece of my mind, of my soul.


I take great inspiration from masters like Picasso and Basquiat. Every year I visit the Picasso museum in Malaga to dream away, being with the masterpieces.


Hoping, wishing, I will alsco become a part of great history.


Until then, I will continue my journey through the motion of colours and shapes. It's never-ending....'


Achievements and work exhibited:


Tokyo International Art Fair, Tokyo, Japan

Rotterdam International Art Fair, Rotterdam, The Netherlands