Sabine Oecking was born in Munich Germany, where her artist father and goldsmith mother ensured she grew up surrounded by art.  After many years focused mainly on figurative paintings, she began experimenting with colour and abstract art.


Sabine began pursuing art full time in 2013. Based at her studio in Dortmund, Germany, she developed her work in the following years, studying with Professor Adam Jankowski of the Offenbach University of Art & Design.


Sabine says of her painting:


"The main theme of my work is luck and happiness. I have developed my own style with spray paint, ink, and sometimes acrylic paints. I want to capture and preserve happy moments, create positive atmosphere and to make this moment last.


I am deeply interested in the emotional response to my work and how it's being perceived by the audience.


My series, ‘Happiness and Life’ is the reflection of life being organised, sorted and controlled versus the chaotic, organic and unorganised. It is from these pairs of opposites that all world manifestations spring, creating real harmony. Human existence is imperfect and sometimes uncontrollable. It is hard to handle those things we never wanted, expected or desired to happen to our lives, but they may turn out to be a real blessing. At the end, imperfections, scars and all our failures make us even more special."