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Ruty Benjamini is a London-based ceramic artist. Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, she trained at Birmingham Polytechnic and studied at Camberwell College of Art, London. Ruty is a part of the Skylark, Southbank – based, artist run gallery. Benjamini about her work:


"I think of my ceramic work as a personal journey exploring my identity,


I express my cultural identity through my artwork in a process that is nostalgic, often subconscious, and always comforting and reafirming.

My inspiration comes from natural forms and textures, weathered and effaced surfaces, ancient and archaic ceramic and glass objects, found in Israel and Mediterranean countries, and mostly- the clay itself.


I make one-off and family groups of sculptural vessels, female figurines, and wall pieces.


My vessels are constructed of thrown and manipulated elements. They are forms that are organic, asymmetrical, and evocative of animal and human shapes and movements, in a way similar to trees, clouds, rocks and landscapes.


I create surfaces that offer clues to the history of the ceramic processes that I used to make the pieces. I explore contrasts between outside and inside, rough and smooth, shiny and matt, and mute and luminous colouring, My works emulate the visual quality of objects revealed in archaeological digs, or washed to shore by the sea."