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“My work is very much focused on the forces of nature; the power and infinite expanse of the sky and the Universe. How do you capture the feeling that you get when you stand under the stars at night?

I have been very lucky in my life to spend quite a number of years living by the sea. I have stood on cliff tops watching electrical storms unfold out at sea and felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end at the sheer spectacle of it.


Many mornings I have watched the sunrise from the sea, as though it is literally rising up out of the waves, that amazing sight is one that I want to capture and with the sun’s passing at the end of the day in a burst of colour as it sets.


When Mount Etna erupted in 2000 I spontaneously travelled to Sicily to go up it and experience the force behind the eruption, it still remains the most spectacular display of natural power I have ever witnessed. It is these forces and the insignificance of man’s presence amongst them that I try to capture. Despite our prominence on planet earth, we do not control the natural forces, we can merely witness them. I put circular shapes and vortex into my paintings in order to remove the boundaries of the canvas edge, to try to make a picture feel limitless like the sky or space itself. Of course there is one significant artist that I admire, who influences me greatly and that is J.M.W Turner. I rarely travel anywhere in the world without a reference book of some description in my case with me. “