Based at a studio near Waterloo in London, Renee’s  early work focused on the emotional power of colour frequencies to influence our state of mind. Her large multi-coloured canvases presented the viewer with a riot of paint as differing hues flowed into, through and around one another, creating effects ranging from soothing to psychedelic.


Over time Renee’s interests have expanded towards multi-sensory multi-media installations. Initially exploring paradoxes such as ‘the sound of colour’ and ‘hear the sunshine’.  Her work has become informed by scientific research into the human mind and function of the brain. Retaining her interest in transformative art, Renee’s installations explore ways in which the senses can be engaged through art to improve wellbeing.


Renee enjoy exploring all aspects of the arts, from making short films, writing children’s stories, painting, music and art installations, she has a special interests in the practice of silence, meditation and the power of art to promote personal transformation.