Paul Wuensche is a London-based figurative artist. He has had several solo shows in London, as well as exhibiting in numerous group shows including the BP Portrait Awards, The Discerning Eye, and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. Although he works on portraits, nudes and still lifes in his studio, he also paints outside throughout the year. His approach to landscape painting has developed over time, and plays an important role in his overall practice:


"I started painting landscape about fifteen years ago. I didn’t think I’d like it at first, but a fellow student at art school in New York said: ‘Paint a hundred landscapes and see how you feel about it then.’ I took him up on this. I don’t know if I’ve reached a hundred yet, but the truth is I was hooked after the first one (a street scene in New York). It’s the sheer unpredictability of landscape painting that makes it so interesting. Everything is constantly changing, and because of that, everything is always alive. Whenever I need freshening up after a lot of more ‘static’ studio work, I go and paint outside."


"The moment I’d had my first taste of landscape painting I became intensely interested in artists like Monet, Pisarro, Constable and Turner. I like the colour in Monet, and the sense of air, wind, and water that you get in Constable and Turner."


"I also have a slight obsession with paths – I try to include a path in as many paintings as possible, because I think they invite the viewer into a painting. Ideally I want a landscape to be the start of an imaginative journey, a window into another reality."