Paul Jackson is a Norfolk-based sculptor, writer, illustrator and storyteller.


The artist about his work: “I remember as a young boy putting a 2b pencil on its side and rubbing it into the grain of a sheet of cartridge paper. I would see images there, which I would then draw into. Often I would see faces, eyes, leaves or flowers or any number of things. For forty years now I have continued to find fresh ways to explore my imagination, to perfect line and colour and breathe life and imagination into all of my work, whatever it is.This work is often figurative, using themes of Mythology with a faerie-like twist to it. I create in four distinctly different disciplines. Ceramics, Illustration, Storytelling and Writing. However I often have a strong link between these approaches to creativity. Using sometimes all four of them to help me develop the full potential of a creative idea. I will use Lustres and Gold to finish my Sculptures and illustrations off as I feel it adds that magical, mercurial final flourish to a piece of my creativity. I am inspired to create by many things in nature, the magic of forests, the shapes in clouds, the movement of the sea, the shapes of Mountains. I subconsciously seem to constantly observe and absorb imagery and then look for different ways to express my emotional response to it.”


His Sculptures and illustrations have been described variously by collectors as being; ‘so full of story that they never tire of looking at them’. Which is one of my main aims when I make a piece; I just want someone to enjoy looking at it once they have it in their home.’


His main influences include Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac and W. Heath Robinson alongside with Da Vinci, William Blake, Richard Dadd, Turner, Van Gogh, Stanley Spencer and Monet. Paul’s work has been held in private collections across Europe, in North America and Australia. With solo exhibitions in London, and mixed exhibitions in New York, Frankfurt and Melbourne.