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For over 20 years, Michael Pantuso has been bringing design, artistry, and craftsmanship together to create effective branding and communications. An artist and designer with a solid business background, Michael crafts intelligent solutions that are innovative and engaging and that elevate any branding, advertising, or marketing communication.


Recently, Executive Designer at IDEAS360°, a brand design agency in Chicago, Michael was responsible for the design, development and implementation of both digital and traditional tactics. Before joining the company in 2013, Michael was Principal of Michael Pantuso Design which provided graphic design and branding services to agencies and corporations. He has been repeatedly recognized for excellence by leading industry associations.


In addition to his commercial work, Michael is a distinguished fine artist. Design, creativity and the expression of passionately expressed ideas have played a key, disciplined role for him throughout his career, and his personal artwork reflects this passion.


As a fine artist, Michael is able to leave behind the influences of strategy and business and to express himself without the noise of marketplace expectations. Michael's art enables him to openly delve into inventive and curious ideas for exploration, experimentation, and creative growth, and his art emerges as pure expressions of creative thought which is not only satisfying to him but also inspires his commercial work into new directions and approaches. His current series of creative expressions, "Mechanical Integrations and Mechismo," involve subjects from nature which are rebuilt with the integration of human fabricated elements. The intricate details and inner-workings of those elements are expressed by the exploration and composition of their physical and visual relationships to the overall subject. The final result becomes a balance of realism and graphic expression.


Michael's art has recently been exhibited at The Oxford International Art Fair 2016, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts' 2015 Electron Salon Exhibition, Townley Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA, Limner Gallery in Hudson, NY, The 2015 Art Fair Tokyo, 2015 Miami Art Expo. And, will be exhibiting at the upcoming Art New York 2016 International Exhibition on May 3-8 and Art Southampton on July 7-11, 2016.


Michael earned a BA in Commercial Art, Graphic Design, and Marketing from Flagler College, which he attended on a Commercial Art and Tennis Scholarship. Michael lives in Hinsdale, a suburb of Chicago and part-time in Manhattan, New York. He has a wife and two children. A daughter who attends full-time pre-professional ballet school in New York and a son soon to be attending film school at Columbia College in Chicago.