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Connectivity in Diversity




Melissa Budasz studied Fine Art Painting at Camberwell and Norwich Schools of Art, graduating in 1997 and lives and works in London. She is Chair of South London Women Artists and actively writes articles, curates and participates in a range of visual arts events. Creekside Artists studio, The Biscuit Factory, Tower Bridge Business Complex, London.


"My recent research has been investigating the placebo effect and homoeopathy, a medical philosophy and practice based on the idea that the body has the ability to heal itself. Homoeopathy is based on the principle that you can treat ‘like with like’. I am interested in how certain objects look like other things and how patterns, surfaces and matter that grow in nature are echoed in parts of the human body itself. The brain and the stomach are the organs of my research, as both contain the most complex memory systems that humans have. Myth and memory are at the foundation of my work and it is here that I can creatively tell imaginary stories that are deeply personal, about discovery and recovery and how we learn to heal ourselves." explains Melissa about her work.