Melissa Budasz studied fine art painting at Camberwell and Norwich Art Schools (1997) and has a studio at Brookmill Studios Deptford, London. Her most recent solo exhibition was at Conway Hall, London (Feb 2017). She has curated and exhibited in several large-scale projects, events and exhibitions including Broadcasting House for the BBC 100 Women event (2016), University College London Tedex festival (2016), Gerald Moore Gallery (2015), Dulwich Picture Gallery (2014) and regularly as part of the Deptford X Festival where in 2015 she was a prize winner in the Big Draw for a site specific collaborative drawing she co-devised. She is the founder and editor of ArtVerve, a journal on women’s art and for several years was the Chair of South London Women Artists (SLWA). Her works are featured in public collections, including Conway Hall Archive Library and in private collections in the UK and USA. Budasz currently lives and works in London, United Kingdom.The Muse is Exhausted (2017)


Hybrids of infamous muses and mythical creatures, these ambiguous portraits with their empty eyes and translucent, cellular bodies, are a reflection of ourselves in the form of carnivalesque demons, animals and goddesses. This new series, The Muse is Exhausted, explores the relationship of the gaze and the gaze turned in on itself and to the primordial goddesses of myth and imagination. In a world preoccupied with the communication of self and image and a culture of looking and being seen, these portraits pose existentialist questions of who and what we are.


Melissa about her work: “I explore my ideas and themes obsessively, my process is one of repetition and restriction that combines chance and memory. Painting has been a continuing quest one that is both self-reflexive and visceral and I re-draw and paint things continuously. I think of art as a memory, my work is never finished, only permanently abandoned. For me the physical act of creation evokes ancient archetypes, totems, and mythical rites that create a calculated catharsis that challenges my audience to see beauty in the simplest of things. Ultimately, I want to arouse my audience by the means of a sensual intensity that brings them an understanding of their own existence.