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Connectivity in Diversity





Mayumi Takigawa is a Japanese illustrator who lives and works in Japan. She graduated from Japan School of Design and won prizes in various art shows in Tokyo. In 2014 she created a unique drawing technique named “Hanamoyo Art (flower print art)”. “Hanamoyo Art” is a kind of pointillism in which she draws animals with numerous flowers. Each flower which is about 5mm has five buds drawn carefully with a glass pen in drawing ink. In 2016 “Hanamoyo Art” attracted the agent of the Europe’s largest art fair in UK and she was invited to enter. The fair ended with a great success. She attained a chance to collaborate with Gabriel Fine Art because of it.


“I am sure that my work is full of love and makes people happy. This is possible because I draw one and only work with my hands unlike the digital arts you see a lot these days. Why don’t you come to my exhibition and feel “Hanamoyo Art”?”