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Marta Balogh


Márta Balogh is an artist living in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is a member of the Swedish organization for arts and crafts, Kontsthantverkscentrum Riksorganisationen. She works with textile pictures and paintings in mixed media.


Through her work she develops old traditions as image stitching (which has been around since the 1600s), knitting, jewellery with recycled circuit boards, artistic cards, painted images in large and small format etc. she uses materials such as traditional wool, homespun and linen fabric from Romania (her country of origin) from a manufacture in Transylvania where a small group of women live from the production of wool and wool products.


To 'sculpture' pictures of wool has become her brand characteristics. Even in the knitted garments she uses sculptural designs. The materials she uses are earthy and unstained. Her work is fairly monochromatic, but she also uses red, black and white stripes in cotton in her artwork, which has become a hallmark. She is inspired by Transylvanian folk art, the magic of kelim carpets and certain primitive arts. She uses only natural materials and articulates her own expressions that she has not seen elsewhere. In her painted pictures she uses the same symbols and the same colours as in the knit.