Marilena Balint


Marilena  was born and grew up in Romania. Her childhood was unlike most. Growing up in communist Romania as a young artist, she had to find a way to express herself in a system which oppressed the elementary freedoms of thought, speech and, ultimately, expression. At the age of 13 she enrolled in the local art school where she discovered her fascination with oil painting. Painting was Marilena's way to free her heart and mind from the daily troubles of such a hostile environment and engage with the universal language of the soul – art. At the age of 20, along many other students, she rebelled against the communist regime, rallying in the streets during the 1989 revolution that eventually led to democracy being restored in Romania.


During her 30-year long career in healthcare, as a GP and manager of an international clinic in Romania and as a Medical Adviser in the UK, she kept her passion for art alive. In recent years, her art has been exhibited and sold  at Keswick (UKCP Exhibition 2014),at Calverton(UKCP Exhibition 2015) ,”Sheffield Winter Garden-In the frame”(2015) .She rediscovered oils and mixed media after a few years of performing art in coloured pencil, pastels, inks, acrylic oils, resins and she became more and more drawn to Japanese culture and aesthetics – the purity and perfect balance of nature reflected by the great Japanese painters in their works inspired Marilena to adopt some of their style into her own art.


Marilena currently lives and works in Sheffield where she owns an art studio 'Hunaari'. She creates art inspired by Romanian and Japanese folklore. Marilena’s paintings are a reflection of this dynamic path which art set her on, inviting those who admire them to meditate on the poetic aspects of nature. In a unique style of abstract expressionism painting, Marilena’s works are created for those who wish to connect with nature on an ever-deeper level.


Artist about her work: "Time and nature are the subjects of my art works. My journey in searching for understanding how the time gives us the meaningfulness of existence and how the nature takes on the waves of the time reshaping it continuously into a unique and unpredictable beauty. How we, the beings, could step into their embracement, keeping up with their silence and purity, without crushing anything down, but understanding their message?


My artworks are stages of the time and nature game. I love using unusual shapes and abbreviated strokes in multiple hues and tones and different textured layers of raw materials in a suggestion of how nature changes under time action without imposing a false sense of order but in the same time, lending a compelling sense of life. My creative impulses are driven by how could nature have looked like at the very beginning. Do we know what was the beginning?"