Marcela Urubova


Artist Marcela Urubová lives and works near Pilsen in the Czech Republic. She studied at School of Applied Arts in Uherské Hradišt between 1977 - 1981, under supervision of professor František Nikl. In 1989, she graduated with her MFA from landscape art atelier of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague as a student of professor František Jiroudek and Jií Karmazín.


Marcela Urubová is a painter whose inspiration comes mainly from the nature and undoubtedly the polymorphous, oftentimes absurd, life of a human being and its feelings.

She painted mainly water and waterfalls for a long time. Water, as well as the nature, liberates and heals our emotions. It relieves the physical body and mind he viewer is encouraged to engage themselves with their own associations, experience and imagination. They can interpret the painting in their own way, despite any labels. Her chosen techniques are acrylic and oil on canvas.


In addition to painting, she greatly  enjoys photographing everything that inspires her creative mind. She occasionally uses some of the photos to create digital art. She doesn't oppose at all to further artistic progression and usage of new materials. She lets everything take its own course freely , with no disruptions, as per "panta rhei".