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Lois Cordelia is a prolific artist and illustrator in cut-paper, acrylics and mixed media, based at her studio in Ipswich, United Kingdom. She works in diverse styles, ranging from intricate cut-paper designs to bold and energetic acrylic paintings, and has exhibited widely across the United Kingdom.


Balancing the blade's precision with free-flowing lines, Lois cuts designs out of paper using a surgical scalpel, to evoke themes of energy, dance and movement. An energetic freehand coloured pencil sketch forms the basis of a more precise design that is then cut out of the paper, piece by piece, choosing which lines and shapes to cut and which to leave intact, to achieve an aesthetic balance between positive and negative.


Lois' work is inspired by cultures, mythologies, languages and spiritual traditions from around the world. It has been featured in a short film, Habibti (Panacea Productions, London, March 2010), and as front cover and vignette book illustrations (Birdbook series, Sidekick Books, 2011, 2012, 2014).