Linda Samson is a painter, ceramist and print maker. She studied Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art. She lives and works in London, but returns frequently to Scotland for inspiration. Linda’s work is predominantly figurative, bold in design with strong forms and rich colour. She explores and develops these forms in various media, drawings, oils, watercolours, etchings and ceramics which all have been influenced by the landscape of her childhood, spent on the east coast of Scotland – the sea, the wind, the sky, birds, the sun and the moon rising over the water, motifs that often occur in her work. Early on, Linda became interested in twin images and reflections, and the imaginary masks we all wear in our different identities and roles in life. She works by choosing a theme, memory or idea, often using observational drawings as a starting point. Then she experiments with different media to get the effect or result she wants. Her aim as an artist is to produce a seductive image whatever the surface she works on, be it paper, canvas or clay.


This is what Linda says about her work and her inspiration by the female figure:


‘The female nude, the archetypal Venus, has an innate fluidity and power. The strong forms, flowing linear curves, the variety of size and shape suit the dynamic of my compositions.


I am intrigued how the female form can convey a myriad of signals. Crouching, it can be powerful, confrontational, coiled ready to spring; in repose it can be inviting, indifferent, vulnerable; in movement, vital, energized, purposeful.  I am interested how these signals can be varied or sharpened in the image by a change of setting, alignment, emphasis and technique.


As a female artist, I find the female nude combines both the subjective and objective and becomes a vehicle both of life and the imagination.'