Sandra Roeken

Light Reborn:  "where the Earth ends and heaven Began"

5th - 10th July 2016

At: The Tabernacle, Notting Hill




Gabriel Fine Art are proud to present a solo show of German artist Sandra Roeken. Join them in their next endeavour into the photographic world of earth and sky, and experience the connectivity between the two.


When we step away from the literal of ‘sky above earth’ we can consider the absolute phenomenon that has created this partnership and the wonder that is held between them. Roeken captures that wonder, and reflects the styles and tastes of our greatest artistic masters and their similar fascination with this spectacle.


Think contemporary, digital interpretations of the romantic greats: Turner, Grimshaw or Constable. Her pictures are not only inspired by them, but also show a freeze frame of the very moments that inspired them too. The subtle, yet dramatic, balance of the elements. Calming and natural while simultaneously being absolutely dramatic and incredible.

In many ways the captured moments are all the more suitable as the very artistic process she uses plays with the element she is capturing. Light.







Sandra Roeken focuses her work on the artistic aspect of photography.

For her, a photo must have a soul. She aims for her imagery to prolong the moment, to allow the viewer’s eye to appreciate the image beyond the split second that the natural world would give us.


Her pictures are first digitally optimized, then layered with textures and intensively worked out. Each of her photographs is inspired by her own emotions and is therefore always unique, for it represents her in the moment of capture and creation.


She is inspired by John Atkinson Grimshaw and William Turner; Turner's fantastic seascapes and the foggy atmospheric pictures from Grimshaw touch her deeply. As she works at night she can find the peace to create her work. She loves the silence of the night, to be alone with her feelings and lets them flow into her work. Creating art is a balm for her soul.