Lenny Irukandji Marignier


Lenny Marignier is an artist, filmmaker and writer born in Val de Marne, France and raised in Sydney, Australia and Hong Kong and is currently based in Brighton, UK. He graduated in 2014 from Met Film School in London with a BA(HONS) in Practical Filmmaking specialising in screenwriting and directing. He then received a Masters degree in Sequential Design/Illustration from the University of Brighton. He has been commissioned for promotional art, design and book illustrations. He regularly showcases his work in exhibitions, having done so in Brighton, London and New York City. His style of artwork, film and writing consists of dark, somber imagery layered over underlying themes of both political and personal nature. His work strives to encourage his viewers to reflect on issues that they might not realise affect them, whilst still hopefully being able to simply appreciate the work itself as just a pleasant piece to observe.


Artist about his work:


"I usually attempt to evoke the themes within my artwork subtextually. People want to find meaning in artwork, but I want to make them search for it. The kind of art that has always impacted me the most has made me scour every detail for the artist’s voice beneath the paint. A canvas is nothing but an A3 window looking into the expanse of an artist’s mind. I thrive on the unusual, the dark and the make believe, whilst at the same time rooting a lot of my artwork in real life issues, such as animal rights, environmental destruction, human rights, sexuality, personal struggles, war and religion among others. However these themes are only surface elements of something a lot bigger: my  acknowledgment, reaction and feelings towards the issues presented to the viewers. THAT’S what I want them to search for. Whether or not they find it is up to them."