Children's Month: Knight's Watch

“The Knight’s Watch is not just fancy words with a cool meaning; it's a way of life.”

Some say that the age of the knight has passed, that the spirit of courage is dead. The age of kindliness is never past, so long as there is good to be done on earth.


To take the Knight’s Watch is a radical act of defiance, to stand for justice, to show mercy and generosity is to hold yourself to your best. To live in faith, and bring hope to all around you!

This October we are hosting events, workshops,  exhibitions and a dragon hunt for children to explore values; what they mean to us, and how we can grow them, through the story of King Arthur and his medieval knights.


In medieval times Knightly training started at the age of 8 and by the age of 21 your title was formally conferred with a stroke with the sword on neck or shoulder, during a ceremony known as “accolade.”


We want to inspire children to develop their own code of conduct, a warrior confidence, a gentle kindness, and all conspiring to establish a notion of honour and nobility.


We hope to inspire children to have the courage to hold onto the their dreams and not shrink to fit, to keep the fire in their hearts that comes from making their dreams come true, and to know they can make their world better.


With that spirit we are going to host two weeks of activities for families and children and an exhibition focused on the theme of “7 Knightly Virtues”, in

Gabriel Fine Art Gallery at Old Paradise Yard.


Any age can take part and we aim to encourage, improved relations between children, and children and their parents a healthier lifestyle and more engaged communities with the ethos of the Knightly values. With a set of values to steer by, people improve their prospects, their satisfaction with life, and their feeling of wellbeing.


We will encourage children to take up a Knight’s Watch, walk out into the fray with passion in a radical act of love for a life lived well, and to be fully-engaged in The Grand Quest!















3rd - 17th October 2015       Open Tue-Sat 10am - 6pm


Private Show:   Saturday 3rd of October 1-4pm


Dragon Hunt - Saturday 17th October 12-3pm

7 Knightly Virtues

Courage        Justice       Mercy        Generosity

Faith       Nobility


Following the success of last year's show with illustrator Jan Pieńkowski Gabriel Fine Art gallery continues their collaboration with Big Draw Festival and Family Arts Festival. Get ready for two weeks of marvellous activities for families and children and art/ illustration exhibition exploring...

Artists on show:


Mehrdokht Amini

Pamela Becker

Hetty Clare

Allison Conner

Rachel Conroy

Alexandra Cook

Emma Damon

Noha Al-Dukhan

Nanette Evans

Chris Gajda

Zowie Green

Steven Van Hasten

Carolyn Le

Mike Luckie

Sulah Park

Rebecca Povey

Alex Mannion


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16th October 2015 4pm-6pm

Ages: Families with Children 10-15


A Multi-Media Art Workshop; based around the Knightly Virtues we will create illuminated "found poetry" pieces, to tell profound stories of the inner landscapes of human experience.


Found Poetry is created by finding unrelated words within a page of a favourite book that together make sense, and form a ‘poem’.  


Inspired by your found poem, you can add photographs, draw or paint to create a multi-media work of art, and pull it all together by illuminating it with gold.


Finding poetry to create a new work and illuminating it is an absorbing and fascinating art form, that helps unleash your creativity - any age can achieve individual and beautiful work.




Awakening Framed 27x18inchessmall

Melanie Gow


Born and brought up in Kitale, a remote town in Kenya, East Africa, Melanie’s father handed her his Pentax when she was six and her mother taught her to read before she went to school. She has travelled with a pen and a camera ever since.


Studying both Art, and Dramatic Art, she went into film-making initially; she was the first British woman director with a film released in cinemas, writing and directing a feature film that was awarded Best Woman Director at The Festróia Festival Internacional de Cinema de Tróia.


Then she had children and her eldest son was chronically ill. She looked after him full-time and, with a change in his treatment, he recovered. She spent the next five years researching why her approach worked and wrote a book to help others. Toasters Don’t Roast Chickens: the story of an ordinary mum who challenged conventional medical thinking and transformed the health of her chronically-ill child, was published in 2008.


She is also the author of Walking With Angels, the true story of walking with her sons, aged 12 and 16, for 33 days over the Pyrenees and across Spain for 800km to Santiago de Compostela. Her Photographic Art has exhibited in London, Edinburgh, Windsor, Reading, Henley and Maidenhead, and has been featured on the cover of a book. She has also been commissioned to create images for cultural initiatives and collaborative art projects, and her work is in private collections in the UK, Canada, USA, Malaysia, France, Germany, Italy and Spain Australia and South Africa.


Melanie Gow is a speaker, writer and photographic artist who creates Illuminated Found Poetry pieces, that combine her photographs with drawing, painting and text from favourite books, to tell stories of the inner landscapes of human experience.


She takes up her passion walks out into the fray and looks for beauty and meaning in a radical act of love for life. “Despite the perils and chances of error that frustrate us, make us fumble, and wander on the boundary of the unknown, we forge meaning in the tender struggle with the unfamiliar; and in getting lost we find ourselves .” Melanie is always asking why we are drawn to one particular moment over another, on this pathless adventure travelled in the name of our dreams, called life.



Mehrdokht Amini


Mehrdokht Amini is an Iranian-British book illustrator living in England. She graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from Tehran University and has worked as an illustrator for both educational and mainstream publishers ever since.She started her career while still studying at university, working on various projects for children's magazines and books. After moving to England in 2004 she continued working with publishers all around the world.

The works on this exhibition are from the book "How the Olympics came to be" published 2012 by The British Museum Press.


Pamela Becker


Pamela is presently creative director of Big Vision Art + Design, a professional illustrator, fine artist, and writer whose work and life are inspired by her exploration of human consciousness. Her approach inspires glimpses of potentialities beyond beliefs and expectations. Educated through the Rhode Island School of Design, with a BA in Illustration and Design, Pamela’s creations are skillfully crafted, and capture the sacred essence within everyone. Pamela produced 40 educational children’s posters for IBM and illustrated over 20 children’s books. She’s an approved Disney and Warner Brothers Illustrator. Pamela also illustrated and designed yoga posters and yoga manual for Integrative Yoga Therapy.


Hetty Clare


Helen Pearce aka Hetty Clare and is a freelance illustrator living 25 miles north of London near the beautiful town of Berkhamsted. She studied graphic design and illustration at Cleveland College of Art & Design and after qualifying worked mainly for a small comapany supply the gift market. She loves the creativity of taking an idea and bringling it to life on paper. Hetty Clare demonstrates a natural flair for taking an idea and bringing it to life on paper, whether this is through simple pen and wash or something a little more vibrant.


Allison Conner


Alli studied children's literature and is a freelance illustrator living in Edinburgh. She is constantly inspired by the wonder found in stories for children.

Recent work includes book illustration for 'Once Upon a Christmas Eve'( a charming festive tale for children), card design commissions, and illustrations for 'Knight's Watch' -an exhibition at Gabriel Fine Art.


Rachel Conroy


Rachel is a Scottish-born traditional illustrator with a particular devotion to hand-drawn images and animations. Her tools of choice are pen and ink, watercolours (paints and pastels) and pencil. She can use digital means of editing such as Photoshop, but much prefers a good old sketchbook and some pens.


With a Bachelors in Arts awarded in Illustration, Rachel is driven by the passion and dedication she applies to all of her work and is always inspired, sometimes by the simplest of things, to create visuals full of life and colour.

Her artwork is most suited to illustration regarding children's literature and she often maps out illustrated stories of her own in her free time. That being said, she is also keen on expressive character design and concepts and general narrative illustration. The general feel of Rachel's artwork is lively and heartfelt, with every image appearing to have its own tale to tell.


Alexandra Cook 


Alexandra Cook is a freelance illustrator and artist living in London. After graduating in the summer of 2013 at London College of Fashion with a BA degree in Surface Textiles Alexandra decided that she would instead take her talents into a slightly different direction, Illustration. This crossing of disciplines has added that extra dynamic to a signature linear style. She immediately set up a small design brand selling merchandise such as greetings cards, t-shirts and prints (etc), anything that she could get her hands on, or shall we say illustrations on.


On the side to this, Alexandra has been working up her design talents as Artistic Director for London band Sister Gracie since 2012. This has included everything from designing album artwork, logos, mechanising, organising music videos, photo shoots, styling and overall helping to create a full aesthetic from start to finish.


Emma Damon


Emma lives in the Bayside area of Melbourne, Victoria, in Australia. Whilst currently researching for a PhD on cultural dress, her art work for factual projects explores aspects of ethnic clothing, including pattern, silhouette and cultural meaning.


She also makes work for children’s fictional books on a variety of themes. Her art and writing have been published widely internationally, with her books translated into many languages. Emma gained a First class honours degree B.A IIlustration & M.A from Manchester Metropolitan University. Her illustration and writing projects for clients include: Penguin Books, Macmillan Campbell Books, Hodder & Stoughton, A.C & Black, Scholastic Books, Tango Books, B.B.C, Unicef, Allen & Unwin.


Using mixed media techniques including watercolour, pen & ink and collage, Emma accepts commissions from around the world.


Noha Al-Dukhan

Kuwait-born children book illustrator. Homoud is the name of the main character from traditional Kuwait story.  He left his eye glasses on his head ..when he woke up ..he kept looking for his eye glasses everywhere…and finally found them out on his own head.


Nanette Evans


Nanette studied Art and Design from 2010-2012. She has also discovered animation and filmmaking through my Creative Media Foundation Degree which she completed earlier this month. In the autumn she will begin her BSc in Cinematic Arts.


Nanette has always loved drawing and photography. She loves the bold bright colours and strong defining lines around objects within that image. Uncluttered images that tell a thousand words.


Having been taught the more traditional methods of art she has now returned to her original love of illustration.


Chris Gajda


Since 2007 Chris is a regular artist in an illustration and design studio in London. He has been working for variety of clients in Advertising, Education, Publishing, Entertainment and New Media. He is flexible with style, approach and digital techniques.


From contemporary vector cartoons and character designs, to slick, highly finished photoshop renders and paintings. Cute and with character, imaginative, with powerful coloring and wide range of themes, Chris's portfolio doesn't end there.  


“Monster Knights" is a series of illustrations from the upcoming book with the same title.

The print series “An old, quite scary and quite magical curtain” is a series of illustrations from the upcoming book with the same title.


Zowie Green


Zowie is a Freelance Illustrator, with a portfolio full of strange, colourful images. She’s a graduate of Coventry University, with a First Class BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art & Illustration. She has developed a versatile style of illustration, focusing on the use of traditional techniques such as mixed media collage, drawing and painting. The bold colour schemes and strong forms which define her work are influenced by Surrealism, which she applies to contemporary illustration to achieve an innovative style.


Her work is playful and narrative driven, leading to my interest in book illustration and editorial illustration that evokes positive change through creative means; such as the Stop Smoking Campaign I entered into the Creative Conscience Awards 2014, or her recent poster donation to environmental charity, Do The Green Thing, which focused on energy saving methods.


Steven Van Hasten


Belgian artist Steven Van Hasten grew up in Courtrai, an ancient commercial town in West Flanders. He drew and painted on everything as a child, and created his first illustrated story – about a knight - at the age of six. His parents knew he’d grow up to be an artist. Now he’s a successful illustrator working across children’s books, editorial and advertising, he still has that passion for drawing. Each week he and some friends practice life drawing with a nude model.


Based in Gent, he goes hiking in Scotland every year, owns over 10,000 comic books, and – as he should – enjoys a good Belgian beer. His clients list includes Readger’s Digest and Die Keure publisher.


Carolyn Le


Carolyn draws on the sunny California days, and her love of storytelling to create her watercolor paintings. She has received a Merit Award from the Society of Illustrator of Los Angeles an Editor’s Choice Award and an Original Art Award from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and a Reader’s Choice Award for Illustration for the picture book Clarence and the Traveling Circus. Currently, Carolyn is writing and illustrating her own picture books and taking care of a bunny that is half cat in attitude.


Mike Luckie


Mike is a freelance illustrator based in Exeter, Devon. He has spent the last 6 years working as an in-house illustrator, designer and general creative person in various design agencies based in Exeter.


He illustrates using a variety of mediums such as pen & ink, watercolour, gouache, and digital media. Sometimes all of them at once. His detailed, and humorous, style of illustration appeals to both children and adults.


Sulah Park


Sulah, who is majored in Illustration, graduated from Academy of Art University in San Francisco few months ago, and then starts to work for the illustration agency and Gabriel Fine Art in London.


She has focused on children’s book illustration and writing, and eagers to communicate with children all over the world. She believes that the details are important for children as kids can image a lot of fun stories from the details of picture books. Most children can find small messages and expressions for the details and colors as many children read books over and over again.


Sulah uses the watercolor and pen & ink. She likes to use the warm and different colors with the watercolor. Also, she uses the pen & ink to express the details on the background and fun decoration.


Sulah uses simple shapes for her characters. Even though she likes to draw details in many different colors, she tries to make simple and fun shapes. Sulah thinks children can

equalize characters’ bodies and emotion if the characters look like themselves.


She is inspired from the emotion, music, children, experience, scar, church, and the

people who she loves. Sulah hopes she may have a positive influence on children.


Sulah’s works are opened toward the world but not limited to some countries, wanting to work with various countries She is already ready to meet and work together in a positive attitude.


Rebecca Povey


Rebecca has always enjoyed drawing from a young age . She has recently gained an online profile with monkey feet illustration . She is a self taught illustrator , just starting out . Her style is reflected in mainly historical and fairytale . She works traditionally in pen and pencil in both colour and black and white.