Karen Mkrtchyan is an Armenia-based abstract artist who considers himself as the follower of Archile Gorky. Thus, he belongs to abstract expressionism movement. His paintings mainly express feelings and philosophy of different concepts and ideas.


“Taking the artistic path was definite for me right from the start of self-consciousness. The path I am passing now has been formed on the basis of both world and national arts. The harmony between the content and the way of expression in an artwork has been primary for me from the early stage of my path. The process of reaching this harmony has passed through cubism, from where passing to the abstract art was something natural and logical to me.


My vision comes from the philosophy of the perception of life. My works are concept-oriented through which I want to express the final result, which is the reflection of what is subconscious and emotional, passed through the internal prism. It is the reinterpretation and editing of visible reality and emotional world, freed from the requirement to describe the visible surface. By transferring the identifiable and tangible forms into new arrays and images to be able to lead to the discovery and development of deeper layers".