American-born Julie Windler has been an award-winning Functional Potter since 1972. The artist about her work: "Each piece of my pottery, by sight and feel, reveals a real part of me. The shape, weight, and feel of my work have the imprint of my hands and the tension or peace I was experiencing as the pottery was formed.  The overwhelming emotion experienced in making my pottery is pure joy.  If you listen very closely, when holding my work, you may hear an Italian tenor singing opera as that IS the music of my art.  A few special pieces are wetted with my tears as I was struggling to make sense of the sickness of a loved one, or perhaps my rage at the unfairness of life. The lines of my fingers are always present. My pottery is like holding my hand as you experience the feel and depth of my work: ..AND the color. Oh, the glazing:  the magnificence of the colors is like viewing a distant galaxy in the night sky, or an exploding nebula formed a million years ago.   The unique glazes not only reflect my mood, but the final color and appearance speak to the creation of firing at high temperatures: not unlike the tremendous heat and color pallet from an exploding star somewhere in a distant world.   The color, brightness, and texture of each piece are as unique as each person who would enjoy it. To experience my pottery, to hold it, to see it, and to own it is really sharing a part of me. I gladly share this, along with my love, to all who would pass my way."