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Josée St-Amant is an artist based in Montreal, a remarkable talent who creates art that is filled with emotion, life and memories.  A contemporary expressionist artist producing realism work with a classical leaning.  

Slightly dark palette which tends to enlighten, to be open to life. Intuitive composition while balance and power. The intuition of beauty!


Ideas constantly boiling the urgency to put everything on the canvas with a fluid gesture to lose nothing, without missing a detail. The urgency of life that goes too fast. The urgency of wonder, share, create and leave behind something timeless and magical


The main theme of her creation is the human being. The human being in its duality; the beauty of the body with movements, the beauty of innocence versus its stupidity, its power of destruction, self-destruction.

She present her new serie ‘À hauteur de femme’;


“It started off  with a drawing, one with this tall woman on a paper six feet high. It was a challenge I had given myself.

I followed my instinct, the momentum, the brushstroke. Then I drew a second and a third until all the walls of my studio where covered by these powerfull women. The strenght that came from them subverted me. And that is how « À hauteur de femme » was born, with these strong women, standing and free.


In the continuing came these paintings of  strong and sensual women lying down. This series is a cry from the heart, a claim of the right that we have, we women to do what we want with our bodies.


Thank you for you interest, thank you for making this great cry for liberty vibrate!”