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Born in Montreal in 1980 and completed her studies in fine arts at Concordia University in Montreal; Then moved to the south of France to specialize in Contemporary Art where she got a Master Degree from The Villa Arson, Nice. She lives and worked in London for the past 7 years.


Her attraction for the uncertainty and the fact that she can never predict the final result provokes a surprisingly happy reaction when the color interacts perfectly with each other.  She would never retouch a painting, it’s a one shot experience.


Isabelle is someone who has strong control on her surroundings. This technique allows her the freedom needed to create an amazing piece or art.

Inspired by two of the most important artist of this century, Donald Judd and Gerard Richter, Isabelle Beaubien’s mixed media paintings combine vibrant, dynamic colors that generate excitement and emotion.


Similar to Richter’s technique, she does not paint with brushes; She takes a chance in one stroke that could or could not result in a great painting. Isabelle is also very attracted by minimal art and that’s why her work is a mixture of the colorful, glossy, and perfect sculptures of Donald Judd and the surprising and blurry paintings of Richter.


She gets that result by the combination of acrylic and a resin that creates a very glossy finish and sensation of depth on some part of the work. These painting look very sculptural because of the thickness of the finished canvas, producing a beautiful object on the wall.