Irina Sumanenkova


Irina Sumanenkova was born in 1982 in Ukraine. She studied art and painting techniques at the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. Since her graduation in 2004 she has illustrated a number of books and created hundreds of paintings. Her paintings were included in private collections in Ukraine and Switzerland. She exhibited her work internationally during the Art Expo Autumn Rome 2018 and the Parallax London Art Fair 2019.


The artist about her work: "I think I would like to call my art 'realistic symbolizm’ because I like to express my emotions and thoughts by using real objects which have similar meaning in different cultures. This way more people can understand what I would like to express. There is so much to tell about the world  around us...I dream and hope it could be one day the world filled with love and respect for each other and every living being.


My main interests are philosophy, history (including history of Armor), psychology, ancient cultures, wildlife and scientific discoveries. I never stop learning."