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Gabriel Fine Art is delighted to exhibit the extraordinary artwork of Mariya Naydis, a Ukrainian originated artist whose work has so far been successfully exhibited in Germany.


Mariya Naydis produces vibrant, dream evoked pieces of artwork with an extremely exquisite quality to them. Painted in oil, the art is abstract and bold with various interesting figures and stories encapsulated within which express the human emotions, nature and depict her own dreams. She concerns herself specifically with the realistic, detailed conception of her dreams, feelings and visions. She conveys the far spectrum of human emotions from sorrow to rage to love, fear, and longing.


Born on the 12th June 1983 in Dnepropetrowsk, Mariya grew up in the Soviet union of that time. In her infancy she had to be content with little - often it pulled her on the street where she found materials such as multi-coloured shards. Mariya was fascinated and obviously it was not difficult for her to lay these shards out into colourful picture mosaics. Mariya’s grandmother was an actress in the theatre. Her mother told her numerous stories growing up which sparked a constantly growing interest to represent the experience of life and art as a possible unity.


Since 1998 the native Ukrainian has lived in Munich. Mariya left the Assam secondary school in Munich in 2005 and holds a high school diploma. In parallel to her school she graduated from the art school of Michael Tschernjaveski in Munich which she attended from 1999 to 2007 studying painting and graphics. During this period of study (January and February, 2005) Mariya’s pictures were made accessible in group exhibitions to the public. The first individual exhibition of her works took place in the ‘Sendlinger Kulturschmiede’, Munich. In 2007 she participated in a group exhibition in the gallery ‘Ludmilla Wagner’, Munich. In 2008 Mariya’s pictures were shown within the annual exhibition the ‘Alps’ of the Munich Artist’s Association in the "house of the art", as well as in 2012 in a further event. In the contest ‘Young Gasteig’ in Munich she won the first prize in December 2012. In 2013 she accepted an invitation for an individual exhibition in the cultural pavilion, Munich and in April of the same year her work was issued in the art pavilion Munich under the subject “the reason bears monster". It joined in December, 2013 the annual exhibition VBK in the art pavilion of the “old botanic garden ", Munich.


Mariya’s success speaks for itself. In January 2014 she held an exhibition consisting of the subject ‘As Mr. Keuner incendiary turned….fine pictures/ arsonists’ in the art pavilion, Munich. In March 2014 the Munich Artist’s Association set up another show with her pictures in the ‘museum of Egyptian art’. Other exhibitions followed in January 2015 in the ‘De Sena & De Sena Gallery’ in Westerham and repeatedly within the framework of the annual exhibition of the Munich Artist’s Association in the ‘museum of Egyptian Art’.


Please join us as we warmly welcome you to the private view on Friday 17th July, 6-10pm at Gabriel Fine Art.


Gabriel Fine Art, Cottage 2, Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Lane, Waterloo SE1 7LG

Private View Friday 17th July 2015 6-10pm

Show runs 17th – 25th July 2015

A few words from the artist



"Before I start painting a new picture hours can pass and I have the feeling, as if to paint I would have recently started. The movements of my pencil, lines and dark as well as bright spots are composed. A drawing with character, respectively a subject appears. Colors come to the game and this moment takes me into another world. In this marvellous world I lose myself – it is something completely special.


With my pictures I would like to mediate for the viewers that we are, however, also the world round ourselves a mysterious mystery as a person and that we are not a part of something special, us too conscious. Intense considering of the pictures connects us already with the mystery and admits a happy feeling with us. I believe in the fact that there is actually nature which is different. Be different is interesting and attractive!


My pictures are not unambiguous! The viewer decides which effect has the picture on him or what he would like to interpret in every picture. In my artwork I try to make accessible the openness to myself towards as well as my philosophy of life to the viewer."


Mariya Naydis, 2015




Maria Naydis loves the art. With her inexhaustible imagination, she manages in her pictures again something unmistakable.


As a painter she has already presented herself on international terrain successfully. Her pictures are almost like liberation.  Here she can express herself and leaves her creativity a completely free run. A lot of enthusiasm like for her work with colours and brush Mariya invests for her work with precious stones and pearls. The first neat collection provides a many facetted picture of this unusual artist. She lets her soul speak but in the colours are recognizable clear parallels to her pictures.


It is the magic of the colours and brilliancy. This wonderful world fascinated her already as a child. Her religion the “Krishnabewußtsein” which finds the origin in the “Hinduism” showed her later the way to do small glittering chains and bracelets independently. With these beautiful pieces of jewellery for the divinities on the altar, consisting of tiny pearls and precious stones Mariya from the most inner conviction underlined her love to God.


The colours, forms but first of all pearls inspired the painter and designer in 2013 to produce her own jewellery. First the collection consisted of specially worked pieces which she sold successfully to a circle interested in culture. The good sales did her courage to expand farther with the production.


The Ethiopian opals Mariya applied for earrings fascinates by its gleaming light reflections in all colours of the rainbow. Together with Fluorit and fresh water pearls as well as gilded sterling silver elements makes this piece of jewellery unique.


There are Czech glass beads for over 1000 years and these pearls definitely make addicted. They are useable so many sided and also in the chains manufactured by Mariya Naydis. They catch then light in quite magic way and are to be carried really pleasantly on the skin. Unique, high-quality Swarovski pearls in combination the Czech glass beads and gilded sterling silver elements as a chain are an absolute top item for the fashion-conscious woman.


A firework of green turquoise colours are precious stones like Peridot, jade, green amethyst, Fluorit and tourmaline as a chain. The stones speak for themselves. Leonardo da Vince (1452-1519) among other things concerned itself with the ability of the tourmaline which should scatter, for example, bad thoughts.



The Citrin which was considered in the antiquity as a precious stone of the luck was used as a talisman against bad thoughts. This beautiful stone flatters every woman with its characteristic colour. Among precious stone authorities one talks that this lively stone promotes intuition, creativity and self-confidence. In combination with jade and fresh water pearls this chain is a beautiful support to the perfect out-fit of every woman.


Tourmaline rods and jade held together with gilded sterling silver elements and a magnet fastener as a chain. An intoxicating play of colours like a picture of the artist. Something special for every low neckline.

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