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Connectivity in Diversity




Gaya is an independent abstract artist from Toronto. She has had extensive experience in varied fields, ranging from a degree in education in Biology to Event planning but finally found her true calling in Art.


The common theme of her creation infers the artist’s abstractive reflection on, and interpretation of, the natural world and phenomena. Her paintings include natural environments and objects, single elements of natural phenomena and geographical ambiance, panoramic view, and wildlife. The intent is to show the captivating power of colour of the landscapes and seascapes, light refractions in the texture of flowers, mysterious fluctuations of water and deviational patterns of the moving natural forms. The paintings feature an area of land or water, including their physical elements such as mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, flowers and other vegetation, as well as any transitory elements such as weather conditions.


About her work:


“For me, creation through the art is the sublime freedom to express myself. Music is that powerful source of inspiration, which induces my profound emotions, plays on the strings of imagination and culminates in a refined creativity of artwork.


My paintings can be described as continuous abstract variations on the theme of the beauty of nature. They associatively correlate and thematically complement each other. From the pure abstraction perspective, the goal is to introduce colours as unconventional identifiers of the nature themes.”