30th July 2015 - 15th August 2015         Open Tue-Sat 10am - 6pm

Private Show:   Friday 31st of July   6-10pm


Take a walk around an English stately home and you encounter some of the finest examples of the country's artistry. Paintings by Turner, Constable or Gainsborough. Novels and plays by Shakespeare, Dickens or Coward.  We may encounter an exquisite Chippendale cabinet or a grandiose ceiling by the architect James Wyatt. But if you want to experience England's greatest contribution to aesthetics, you'll need to leave the house altogether and explore the landscape garden that surrounds it.



English landscape gardeners created masterpieces that surpassed anything on the continent. The history of gardens is an important part of England's green infrastructure and they fulfil multiple roles. They allow us to escape from the every day's busy life. They are the places where we can enjoy life's simple pleasures: to plant and seed, relax, play, and grow our own food.



With these references in mind, Gabriel Fine Art present a carefully selected group of artists whose work record and celebrate the beauty and importance of nature and gardens in the cities and in our life set against various images of objects and maps from the Garden Museum, Lambeth Library and Kew Gardens Museum.


Artists on show:


Jacqueline Merry Bernard

Gill Bustamante

E-L Cartwright

Patrick O’Callaghan

Chris Czainski

Suzanne Rees-Glanister

Alison Headley

Kate Heiss

Morna Hinton

Moira Jarvis

Andrew Alan Johnson

Yana Kapoustin

Gayane Karepetyan

Tina Lennholm

Sophie Mason

Dominic Murphy

Cristina Prudente

Elizabeth Power

Ann Palmer

Curtis Radclyffe

Beata Maria Rzepecka

Kimm Stevens

Jamie Sugg

Julie Windler

Paul Wuensche



Make a bird feeder

out of clay

Tuesday 28 July


Come along to our family activity on Tuesday 28th July at the Garden Museum.  Drop in and make a bird feeder out of clay with our artist Julie Windler.  Julie is a ceramics artist based in the US and is  leading this workshop during her visit to London.


She will be giving away one of her bird feeders to a participating family.




Adults £3.50

Children £3


Garden Museum, Lambeth Palace Road, London SE1 7LB


Book through here:

Kew Gardens: The Hortus Floridus book cover

Lambeth Palace Archives:


Archbishop's Gardens