Florencia Zampieri


Florencia Zampieri was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She developed her passion for painting and drawing at early age. Her natural passion for art and performance art continued to develop in primary school where she began to study ballet and contemporary dance.  She became a professional ballet teacher when she was only 17 years old.


Her passion and love to all artistic expressions, inspired her to study Architecture and then Image and Visual Merchandising. In 1998 she graduated from The Buenos Aires University of Architecture and Urbanism. When she was 24 years old, she started as a University Design Professor and she introduced her self into Habitat Theory Investigation.


Extensive knowledge of various art forms and techniques provided her with a solid base to pursue career in arts. Abstract, collage, colours, acrylic, oils, pencils, papers, textures are her tools to compose her dynamic world. In addition to her professional ambitions, she is a loving mum for her three young children

“They are my biggest inspiration. My love, life and soul.” Says Florencia.