Gabriel Fine Art proudly presents

the 1st solo show by extremely talented

and innovative gallery artist Yoyne


A creative mixture of paintings and antiquity in one exclusively at Gabriel Fine Art.


Yoyne (Piotr Nowak) is a London-based multidisciplinary artist. He is a graduate of Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design (SAPU) and he also completed Furniture Restoration Course at London Metropolitan University.


Yoyne about his work:” I tend to translate my perception of the world into colours and forms and then place them onto various objects, which this way become ‘canvas’ of my paintings. These paintings then can tell multiple stories; it all depends on the viewer which story is told. Apart from using ‘traditional’ canvas I tend to ‘recycle’ and use old pieces of furniture, mirrors and fabrics to paint on them. This way my art, my painting also becomes an ‘object of everyday use’. I believe that this world of colours can reflect emotions and memories – it can create new feelings and can heal – it’s a creative surge that can engulf you once you start to explore, feel and respond. It all depends on how you take it.”


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The Artist explains more about his first solo show:


Why "Faces"…


The face is a feature that defines us as an individual, autonomous being for others. This is the part of body of another human we look at trying to establish contact or to find about one’s attitude towards us. Most of our sensory organs allowing us to experience the outer world like lips, eyes and nose form part of the face.


Faces act as screens onto which we project our pretended or real feelings, emotions and intentions.


The very word ‘face’ derives from Latin ‘Facies’ which is akin to ‘Facere’ – to make, to create. One can say that face is something that makes us; i.e. defines who we are or who we appear to be to the others. An act of the face embellishment or disfiguration (make up, plastic surgery) is also an act of self-creation. In addition life imprints itself on our faces allowing others to see what we have been through…


I like looking at faces because each one of them is unique and at the same time they all have something in common; being reflections of people’s personalities.  I tend to read them and understand them in a way that later allows me to transfer and translate my observations and impressions onto canvas.  


Faces are not monotonous, they are fascinating: we face things or events, we pull faces, we feed one’s face, we lose face and eventually we face-book ourselves.