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Ermina Avramidou

Isabelle  Beaubien  

Melissa Budasz

Konstantinos Botas

Andres Canovas

Paul Czainski

Jo Ellis

Jenny Hill-Norton

Kevin Holland

Paul Jackson  

Moira Jarvis

Yana Kapoustin

Gayane Karapetyan

David Knight

Sabine Kussmaul

Eileen Lee

Carol- Ann Lyne

Mariya Naydis  

Ann Palmer

Benjamin Parker

Curtis Radclyffe

Renee Rilexie

Bagdasaryan Smbat

Anthea Stilwell

Hester Tatnell

Heran Tefera

Steve Trevillion

Dora Williams

Julie Windler 



Alchemy is one of the oldest sciences known to the world and at its core is chemistry - the states of matter relating earth to solid form, water to liquid, air to gas and fire to plasma. These elements, these transformations, reflect the simplest essential parts and principles of which anything can consist or upon which the constitution and fundamental powers of everything are based.


The natural forces of wind, fire, water and the potential of the destructive power of each and man's raw vulnerability in the face of it, are often depicted and emphasised in Turner's landscapes; storm scenes, avalanches, disasters at sea. With these references in mind, Gabriel Fine Art present a selection of artists whose works observe, record, celebrate and question our relationship and interaction with nature and our environment. Although nature exists outside us, it has within us not only its image, as something both actually and imaginatively reflected, but also its material energy and information channels and processes.


The unity of man and nature is reflected in the entire universe in miniature, so in each grain of sand, each drop of water, each tiny particle of cosmic dust, are concealed all the parts and elements of cosmos in the form of tiny seed germs so minute that even the most powerful microscope cannot detect them. Trillions of times smaller than the ion or electron, these seeds, unrecognizable and incomprehensible, await the time assigned them for growth and expression.


Please join us as we warmly welcome you to our private view on Friday 5 June, 6-10pm at Gabriel Fine Art.


Gabriel Fine Art, Cottage 2, Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Lane, Waterloo SE1 7LG

Private View Friday 5 June 2015 6-10pm

Show runs 5-19 June 2015





Greek artist Ermina Avramidou likens her colour-filled and dramatically lit abstract paintings to obscure maps, and certainly their crisscrossing lines and dripped dots do suggest mysterious landscapes.


While they evoke Abstract Expressionist compositions, their tangled forms and isolated pockets of rich colors carefully structured around thick, vertical bands also suggest overgrown jungles or disjointed nets and grids. Weaves of ink lines and acrylic tones — which often also include transparencies and collages — allow the artist to manipulate sensations of depth, perspective and texture, with varying layers and lines slipping into knots and dots in a playful ballet of hue and form that keeps the viewer’s eyes busily alert without ever becoming overwhelming.


Avramidou says of her work that she tries to conjure “the motions and emotions of someone who tries to find a destination point in an endless labyrinth.” Her paintings encourage active exploration, rewarding patient and thorough viewers with previously unnoticed areas of color and patterns that emerge slowly from the captivating weave of lines.


About her work:


"My abstract paintings consist of a map of different endless routes, full of suspended lines and dots, without any beginning or any end, like the motions and emotions of someone who tries to find a destination in an endless labyrinth. I love to encourage my audience to indulge their curiosity, to ask questions and keep searching for more within the canvas, trying to determine the secrets behind the hidden elements in my work.


I work with acrylic inks and pastels on paper and canvas, often using collage pieces and mixed media. I create transparencies, alternating flows and powerful splashes that generate depth and light. I started painting because I was captivated by the colors and smells of the materials and by the possibility of making my own revolution through art. My goal is to disguise reality, which ultimately is to reach the truth".




Born in Montreal in 1980 and completed her studies in fine arts at Concordia University in Montreal; Then moved to the south of France to specialize in Contemporary Art where she got a Master Degree from The Villa Arson, Nice. She lives and worked in London for the past 7 years.


Her attraction for the uncertainty and the fact that she can never predict the final result provokes a surprisingly happy reaction when the color interacts perfectly with each other.  She would never retouch a painting, it’s a one shot experience.

Isabelle is someone who has strong control on her surroundings. This technique allows her the freedom needed to create an amazing piece or art.


Inspired by two of the most important artist of this century, Donald Judd and Gerard Richter, Isabelle Beaubien’s mixed media paintings combine vibrant, dynamic colors that generate excitement and emotion.


Similar to Richter’s technique, she does not paint with brushes; She takes a chance in one stroke that could or could not result in a great painting. Isabelle is also very attracted by minimal art and that’s why her work is a mixture of the colorful, glossy, and perfect sculptures of Donald Judd and the surprising and blurry paintings of Richter.


She gets that result by the combination of acrylic and a resin that creates a very glossy finish and sensation of depth on some part of the work. These painting look very sculptural because of the thickness of the finished canvas, producing a beautiful object on the wall.




Melissa Budasz is a London based visual artist, curator and Chair of South London Women Artists and is a painter who works with photography, collage, assemblage and drawing using multi media. Her work negotiates identity, myth and memory, drawing on the fictional aspects of memory and the boundaries between forgetting and remembering. She details the dichotomy between acquired knowledge with observation and uses her body and hair with fragments from the natural world creating links between femininity, creativity and trauma. The process of transformation evolves through the rhythms of movement, vision and tactility, rooted in both psychological and metaphysical states. Working in series (and repetition) perceptibly transforms one piece to another and how a network of inter-relationships are made. Her work connects to symbolic and discursive systems such as myth, philosophy and psychoanalysis referencing nature, the body and literature in an allegorical way. Myth and memory are at the foundation of her work, it is here that she can creatively tell imaginary stories that are deeply personal, a separation from ordinary life, intimate and specific to the moments of experience, opening awareness of passing time and the rhythms that govern one's life.


Melissa studied painting at Camberwell and Norwich Schools of Art, graduating in 1997 and lives and works in London.




He was born in Giannitsa (Northern Greece) in 1966.

He is a self-educated painter, woodcarver, photographer and a member of the Greek Plastic Arts Chamber since September 2002. His first exhibition was held in Giannitsa (ink drawings) at the age of 24.  In summer of 1988 he visited for the first time the island of Gavdos (Crete). There, he came across the nickname ‘Pimba’, which in the local dialect means ‘complete’. In The following years, he carved cedar giving their human forms. Since 2005, he paint with airbrush, first with ink on paper and later acrylics on canvas, drawing he’s themes (nude, landscape, nature) from he’s pictures. The last years he divert the time between the island of Gavdos (during summertime) and New Iraklia in Chalkidiki (in winter), where he’s atelier is located.




Andrés Cánovas is a London-based Spanish artist with a BA in painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Seville, and a professional career in Window Display and Visual Merchandising for companies such as Harvey Nichols and Loewe.  After years working on commissions, his art work was shown recently for the first time in London at Gabriele Fine Art Gallery.


His work explores Duality; Perception versus reality, the physical and the spiritual, the literal and the mythical, the narrative and the evocative. We present some of his latest pieces especially made for this exhibition, inspired by Turner and heavily influenced by a recent trip to Morocco.


About his work:


“These pieces are expressions of impressions, neither fully abstract nor representational. One could call them landscapes but essentially they explore an inner journey, a personal experience triggered by some external stimuli such as a descent from the High Atlas Mountains, a drive through the Sahara Desert or a stormy sunrise in an orange grove.  

The composition, the atmospheric quality and the freedom of brush strokes were inspired directly by Turner’s masterpieces at the Tate Gallery though conceptually, the inspiration comes from comments about Turner in the book “Whistler” by Bernhard Sickert:  “Do you not know that you ought to paint your impressions?” (Turner quoted by Ruskin).”




Paul studied Fine Art at Leeds College of Art and Goldsmiths College, London. Straight out of college he met and worked with the top interior decorators of the time. He became (and still is) the most sought after specialist trompe l'oeil artist, muralist, and specialist decorator. More recently Paul has begun to spend more time on his individual studio work and his collaborative ventures with his wife Chris, including, making films, performance and installations.


He is inspired by pattern, decorative effects, chiaroscuro and the fantastic. In his paintings and drawings he is able to tell a story or bring to our attention the hidden beauty or excitement of the mundane. He works in virtually any medium, from charcoal, etching and drawing through to oils and acrylics. He is equally at home with large scale and miniature works. Much of his work has been  for the celebrated interior decorator Nicky Haslam although he also works directly with clients and other interior decorators.




Jenny has travelled from the detail of engraving glass, through scaled drawings for Garden Design, to recently bursting out into the freedom and energy of water-colours. She is adding oils to the fun, particularly enjoying the depth of colour this brings. Her wide subject matter includes landscapes, flowers, still lifes, animals and nudes.


She has exhibited her work all over England to much acclaim. Her previous exhibitions include The Gallery in Cork Street in Mayfair, London, as well as Hampshire Open Studios in Newton Valence, Hampshire. She is also a founder member of the Hampshire Artist Co-perative at the Selborne Gallery in Hampshire.


About her work:


“I have come to watercolour through designing gardens, and before that engraving glass. Engraving glass intrigued me and held me spellbound for 25 years, particularly the technique of stipple.


Some of my stipple-engraved portraits on hand-blown glass are in the collection of Pope John Paul II, Margaret and Dennis Thatcher, Gloria de Ferrer; more engravings are in the collection of Her Majesty the Queen, and other distinguished people.

Eventually the stillness and solitude of the work was supplanted by a career in garden design which was enabled by studying at Sparsholt College for 2 years. A day on watercolour at Sparsholt inspired me to study the medium for sheer pleasure – tutors have been Gordon Rushmer, Anthea Stilwell and Robin Child. Painting is taking a more and more important role in my life (though I find it difficult to finally let go of the gardening).”




Kevin has worked as a sculptor continuously since 1987, having completed his studies in Fine Art (Sculpture) at CCAD. In the development of his sculptural career he has been able to explore many styles, materials and methodologies, having worked with and studied associated arts practices. Throughout these explorations he has found that working creatively with tactile materials is the area to which I am passionately connected.


Having successfully completed my first Public Art commission in 1992, Kevin has been able to make the production of commissions the main focus of my sculptural output. To date he has completed fourteen large scale Public Artworks, each having it’s own individual characteristics.

In 2011 he was awarded an MA in Visual Art Practices following a two year course. During this course he became more familiarized with contemporary art production, and of how this can inform the progression of my practice.


About his work:


“Alongside my work on commissions, I have continuously developed my studio practice. This involves sculptural works of a smaller scale and more immediate nature, which can be developed with more spontaneity and with less practical restrictions than large commissioned works. The smaller works are generally for exhibition in galleries or for private commissions. The sculptural discoveries from my studio practice also provide creative influences for the production of the larger works.


At present I am emphasising my studio work development, and focusing on works for exhibitions. I like to see my practice as continually evolving, and I approach every new sculpture as an expedition in search of new discoveries.”




Jo has trained as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator and works in Hampshire. Having developed a more loose and expressive style in charcoal, she currently paints from her drawings, enjoying the layering effects of using mixed media, including watercolour, gouache, acrylic and oils. She has exhibited her work at The Art Hangar at The Conrard Hotel in London, as well as The Titchfield Art Show in Hamoshire.




Paul Jackson is a Norfolk-based sculptor, writer, illustrator and storyteller.


The artist about his work: “I remember as a young boy putting a 2b pencil on its side and rubbing it into the grain of a sheet of cartridge paper. I would see images there, which I would then draw into. Often I would see faces, eyes, leaves or flowers or any number of things. For forty years now I have continued to find fresh ways to explore my imagination, to perfect line and colour and breathe life and imagination into all of my work, whatever it is.This work is often figurative, using themes of Mythology with a faerie-like twist to it. I create in four distinctly different disciplines. Ceramics, Illustration, Storytelling and Writing. However I often have a strong link between these approaches to creativity. Using sometimes all four of them to help me develop the full potential of a creative idea. I will use Lustres and Gold to finish my Sculptures and illustrations off as I feel it adds that magical, mercurial final flourish to a piece of my creativity. I am inspired to create by many things in nature, the magic of forests, the shapes in clouds, the movement of the sea, the shapes of Mountains. I subconsciously seem to constantly observe and absorb imagery and then look for different ways to express my emotional response to it.”


His Sculptures and illustrations have been described variously by collectors as being; ‘so full of story that they never tire of looking at them’. Which is one of my main aims when I make a piece; I just want someone to enjoy looking at it once they have it in their home.’


His main influences include Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac and W. Heath Robinson alongside with Da Vinci, William Blake, Richard Dadd, Turner, Van Gogh, Stanley Spencer and Monet. Paul’s work has been held in private collections across Europe, in North America and Australia. With solo exhibitions in London, and mixed exhibitions in New York, Frankfurt and Melbourne.




Trained at Cambridge Art School, with a degree in textiles, Moira initially worked as a designer selling in New York and Paris. After having children she qualified as an art teacher and worked for many years as head of art in a London Comprehensive School. She completed an MA in Fine Art (painting) at Wimbledon College of Art (UAL) and now work in one of the Cannizaro Park Studios near Wimbledon Common.

Moira’s work explores personal and collective histories and our place in the natural world and is informed by an earlier career as a textile designer.




Yana Kapoustin is a Luxembourg – based artist painter. Her favourite style is post-impressionism and she chose to work with oil on canvas. As a qualified art therapist Yana works mainly with children.  Her paintings have been exhibited in Luxemburg, Brussel and London.  Yana’s vibrant work captures the dynamics and beauty of nature and her distinctive style has been appreciated by private collectors around Europe and in the UK.




Gaya is an independent abstract artist from Toronto. She has had extensive experience in varied fields, ranging from a degree in education in Biology to Event planning but finally found her true calling in Art.

The common theme of her creation infers the artist’s abstractive reflection on, and interpretation of, the natural world and phenomena. Her paintings include natural environments and objects, single elements of natural phenomena and geographical ambiance, panoramic view, and wildlife. The intent is to show the captivating power of colour of the landscapes and seascapes, light refractions in the texture of flowers, mysterious fluctuations of water and deviational patterns of the moving natural forms. The paintings feature an area of land or water, including their physical elements such as mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, flowers and other vegetation, as well as any transitory elements such as weather conditions.


About her work:


“For me, creation through the art is the sublime freedom to express myself. Music is that powerful source of inspiration, which induces my profound emotions, plays on the strings of imagination and culminates in a refined creativity of artwork.

My paintings can be described as continuous abstract variations on the theme of the beauty of nature. They associatively correlate and thematically complement each other. From the pure abstraction perspective, the goal is to introduce colours as unconventional identifiers of the nature themes.”




After finishing his degree at Loughborough College in 1985, David started as a resident artist at Christ’s Hospital School, West Sussex and it was here David learnt to balance his time between painting and teaching. Art as education is highly important to David and his experience at Christ’s Hospital School formed the foundations of 30 years of teaching.


David has exhibited his work alongside John Hoyland, Alan Davie, Albert Irvin and John Walker.


About his work:


“The paintings and drawings should be regarded as visual sensations, none have any direct intentional reference to ‘figurative’ subject matter, all are ‘abstract’. Music is a useful analogy. Despite being physically intangible music is very real, emotions, feelings and senses are given a form and structure which communicates directly to us. The paintings and drawings aim to be pure in the same sense. Marks, colour, and surface, stimulate the intuition and are gradually animated within an autonomous image. Through this organic approach lyrical ‘forms’ become held within a space of atmosphere and light independent of literal associations.”




Sabine Kussmaul studied Fashion Design with Fine Art at Fachhochschule Pforzheim, Germany and at Pratt Institute, New York. Kussmaul later gained a PGCE in Further Education from Sunderland University. Kussmaul has previously worked in the Fashion industry, as an illustrator and a lecturer in Art & Design.  Kussmaul has exhibited work in galleries in the UK and abroad, with several pieces currently held in private collections. Kussmaul produces work which ranges from small drawings and prints to large scale mixed media pieces.




Eilen is a self-taught Artist was born in England in 1942 and grew up in the northern country of Lancashire. She moved to Australia in 1987 with her husband and sons.


She has since returned to England in 2012 after her husband passed away and now lives in Cornwall.


Her greatest influences have been John Hammond, Arthur Seago and Ray Balkwill for their stunning landscapes. More recently, she have become more obsessed with bright, vivid colour, with painters such as Soraya French, Hashim Akib and David Hockney renewing her appreciation to Art.


About her work:


“I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. Encouraged by my parents and armed with pencils and crayons I would spend hours creating picture and drawings for my family.


I became serious about my art when I retired from the workforce and children grown up.  I am also self-taught, as formal training was always out of my reach. I became an avid reader of every art instruction book that I could lay my hands on.

I paint in oils and acrylics. As a keen conservationist and lover of wildlife it became second nature to me to paint the environment and its inhabitants. No matter where in the world I happen to be, I love to paint the beautiful waterways and coastlines. My fascination with landscape has led me to become an avid cloud watcher, which leads me, of course, to paint them.




Carol is a Scottish artist, who has experience in both painting as well as teaching Art and Design at Secondary Schools and Colleges in London. She has graduated from the University of East London with an Honours degree in Fine Art in 1991 and also completed her postgraduate work at Goldsmiths College, University of London in 1993.


She has exhibited her work at the Hesketh Hubbard Art Society, as well as Espacio Gallery and the Trispace Gallery. Her current work explores the beauty and spirit of nature, with meadows in particular.


About her work:

“I am particularly intrigued by every day events and objects that very often are overlooked because they may be seen as unimportant or mundane. I find that when I am at one with nature, I experience a deeper and more meaningful connection to all that is.”




Mariya Naydis produces vibrant, dream evoked pieces of artwork with an extremely exquisite quality to them. Painted in oil, the art is abstract and bold with various interesting figures and stories encapsulated within which express the human emotions, nature and depict her own dreams. She concerns herself specifically with the realistic, detailed conception of her dreams, feelings and visions. She conveys the far spectrum of human emotions from sorrow to rage to love, fear, and longing.


Born on the 12th June 1983 in Dnepropetrowsk, Mariya grew up in the Soviet union of that time. In her infancy she had to be content with little - often it pulled her on the street where she found materials such as multi-coloured shards. Mariya was fascinated and obviously it was not difficult for her to lay these shards out into colourful picture mosaics. Mariya’s grandmother was an actress in the theatre. Her mother told her numerous stories growing up which sparked a constantly growing interest to represent the experience of life and art as a possible unity.


Mariya’s success speaks for itself. In January 2014 she held an exhibition consisting of the subject ‘As Mr. Keuner incendiary turned….fine pictures/ arsonists’ in the art pavilion, Munich. In March 2014 the Munich Artist’s Association set up another show with her pictures in the ‘museum of Egyptian art’. Other exhibitions followed in January 2015 in the ‘De Sena & De Sena Gallery’ in Westerham and repeatedly within the framework of the annual exhibition of the Munich Artist’s Association in the ‘museum of Egyptian Art’.




Ann Palmer is a Self-Artist who paints 'en plein air' townscapes, landscapes and seascapes in oils and also painting from life. Ann's outdoor paintings depict scenes near her home in Kent and London, as well as the West Country (Bath, Dartmoor, St Ives). Whilst in her home in France, she paints French chateaux and landscapes from the Loire Valley. She also loves to paint in Venice. Though she had enjoyed Art as a child, she did not actually paint until later retiring from the NHS, where she worked as a General Practitioner and Public Health Consultant for several years.


About her work:


“I joined the Rochester Adult Education beginners Class in 2007/8. In July 2008 I joined a 5 day course in Watercolour led by Roger Gill at Central St. Martins; this course provided me with the basic grounding to take my interest in watercolour forward. I have learned through class work, reading and visiting exhibitions. I have taken part in watercolour workshops organised by Francis Iles in Rochester, Norfolk Arts Centre and monthly Master Classes led by Bill Newton.


I have also attended a pen and wash course run by Brian Ryder in Norfolk, a course entitled ‘café culture’ at Central St Martins, and a painting holiday led by Bill Newton in Tuscany in July. During 2008/10 I attended regularly a Life Drawing Class at Maidstone Adult Education Centre and an Improvers Class in Gillingham.


I am now a member of the Improvers Class at Rochester Adult Education Centre led by Gary Bassett ; I attend Life Drawing Classes led by Crawfurd Adamson in Hastings; Crawfurd has been responsible for my development in oils. I am a member of the Hesketh Hubbard Art Society at the Mall Galleries, the Rochester and West Kent Art Society.”




Since attaining a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from the University of York and an MA in Art and Space from the University of Kingston-Upon-Thames, Benjamin has developed a career as a fine artist, with success both as an individual and as part of the ‘Byclops’ group, specializing in painting and film.


He then trained as a teacher of primary and secondary education and practised art therapy for children with special needs. In 2011 he gained an MA in Children’s Books Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art. He is currently combining his work as a fine artist with work as an author and illustrator at byclops illustration.


About his work:


“My work reflects on the struggle between the need to distance ourselves from our animalistic, primitive nature (or dominate it), and the inherent desire for contact with it. My drawings are primitive but human, animal but iconic, godly and ordinary, just like us all.

In my paintings, primitive, naturalistic forms, rough but delicate, struggle to erode and compartmentalize the surface, while subtle interventions of line, even broken, convey a presence of being.”




Curtis trained in film and photography and for many years worked as a film director. He is a graduate of the Royal college of Art with Ba (Hons) Photography and MA in Film. He conceived and directed two commercial feature films.


Curtis about his work: “Slowly my passion for stills photography has returned and now I found my way back into the art form. I'm interested in evoking the nonliterate, the resonances between, above and below. “


‘A man's work is nothing but this slow trek to rediscover, through the detours of art, those two or three great and simple images in whose presence his heart first opened’ – Camus.




Based at a studio near Waterloo in London, Renee’s  early work focused on the emotional power of colour frequencies to influence our state of mind. Her large multi-coloured canvases presented the viewer with a riot of paint as differing hues flowed into, through and around one another, creating effects ranging from soothing to psychedelic.


Over time Renee’s interests have expanded towards multi-sensory multi-media installations. Initially exploring paradoxes such as ‘the sound of colour’ and ‘hear the sunshine’.  Her work has become informed by scientific research into the human mind and function of the brain. Retaining her interest in transformative art, Renee’s installations explore ways in which the senses can be engaged through art to improve wellbeing.

Renee enjoy exploring all aspects of the arts, from making short films, writing children’s stories, painting, music and art installations, she has a special interests in the practice of silence, meditation and the power of art to promote personal transformation.




Since graduating from the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts, has had numerous acknowledgements from Artists and Art-lovers across the World. He has exhibited his work from Cairo, Poland, Montpellier, Moscow to Toronto. He has also received a highest rating of ‘excellent’ in his thesis illustrating the works of Mikhail Bulgakov’s “Master and Margarita”.


He has also studied at the all-Union institute of Improvement of professional skill of workers of Television and Radio Broadcasting at the rate of Animations Artists (Moscow, Ostankino) under the leadership of F. Khitruk. Since 2007 he has become a member of the International Art Fund. His wealth in experience and depth in knowledge is certainly apparent in his work.




Anthea trained at the Ruskin College of Art, Oxford, and Robin Child's Art Research Centre for the last twelve years. She taught for 25 years at Harrow School and retired six years ago to the Welsh Marches to concentrate on painting.


She is motivated and stirred by this beautiful landscape to attempt to translate it into paint... the soft and hard edges, the shapes and textures, the translucencies and opacities of colour are all a challenge. Her exhibitions include The Lennox Gallery, Fulham; The Mill, Faringdon; Harrow School; The Gayton Library, Harrow; The Presteigne annual art exhibition; The Galanthus Gallery, Abergavenny and The Parkfield Gallery, Ross on Wye.


About her work:

“I love drawing and painting the nude, first from observation and then using the drawings to create larger, more imaginative, expressive and sometimes semi-abstract versions. I use the beautiful and dramatic Herefordshire landscape in the same way; always starting with charcoal, pencil or pen and ink and working up to watercolour, acrylic or oil paint. In these drawings and paintings, I have concentrated on the energy of line.”




Hester Tatnell is a self-taught, London-based painter. Using oils as a preferred medium, her work focuses on finding beauty in darkness, perfection in imperfections and creating macabre hybrids of the human form and nature. Hester studied Printed Textile Design at Loughborough University, graduating in 2014, and though her painting takes on a more instinctive role, inspired elements of subtle patterns and textures can often be found creeping around her artworks. Alongside her education, Hester has continually explored and enjoyed her personal art and taken regular commissions in a range of subjects.


The Artist about her work:” Painting, for me, is a medicinal process and always comes from a need to vent current emotions or obsessions. My ideas develop spontaneously, often triggered by a potent experience and enriched with a dark twist. My current work plays upon a theme I have christened ‘PrettyUgly', which deals with personal insecurities alongside a fascination with skin, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy, and nature in its most cruelly striking form. My figures are muses of my mind and evolve as I work, their original beauty becoming tainted by macabre yet strangely attractive subtleties - floral deformations and patterned scars. Splicing together aspects from many different inspirations, I enjoy creating unique, hybrid creatures that also reflect a level of vulnerability and sensuality.


Within my practice I enjoy a more intuitive approach - by utilising a variety of traditional and unconventional tools and techniques, I feel the natural energy is kept alive, and the raw qualities and defects work only to compliment the unconventional beauty of my subjects.”




Heran is an emerging artist who has had an interest in Art from a tender age. Heran mentions how art has been some what of coping mechanism, and his portfolio has developed considerably in recent years with attention from Artists and Art-reviewers alike.

His influences include Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Edvard Munch, and has been fascinated in abstract paintings when initially undergoing tough periods in his life. As time progressed, his influences have been ever-expansive, much like his work, with influences in abstract to naturalistic to representational.


About his work:

“I don't set out to produce art about one subject or another. I draw or sketch my thoughts and sometimes the drawings are left in the sketchbook while other times they build up into more in-depth ideas and detailed paintings. Most of my Art works are predominantly painted without a base of sketch of ideas.  


My influences come from my expression and extension of my thoughts and feelings. Hopefully, my art speaks for itself and gives the viewer the right message. I believe each viewer has different interpretation from the same painting and whatever right message it gives to the viewer, gives me pleasure.  

I see the canvas as a means of describing life from my perspective. Painting is not just my passion but also where I have a breathing space and freedom ticket to wherever I want to exist. I see it as an escape from the world where, there is only me, images of my thoughts and the noise of the brush against the paint and canvas.”




Steven Trevillion  lives and works in London. He is an abstract painter  who works mainly with acrylic on paper and canvas. Steven has an MA in Fine Art from Camberwell College, University of the Arts London. He is a member of the artist-led Espacio Gallery in London's East End and of the Artists Studio Company. His studio is  in Streatham, London. He has long-standing interests in environmental questions  and the idea that an artwork emerges out of a partnership with materials and processes, both of which influence his practice .

"My work deals with materiality and metaphor.  The making of an artwork,  like the process of making a landscape can leave marks or scars that help to shape its future as well as record its past." Says Steve




Dora was born in Italy in the town of Taranto. She always had a passion for painting from her early teens. Prevented by circumstances, from following an Art education, she pursued a career in business for many years, initially in Italy and continued after moving to England in 1988.


Her artistic career developed in the Cayman Islands when she moved there with her family in 2000. Primarily a self-taught artist she has attended numerous workshops by several international artists as well as learning the realistic technique of the Masters at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto.


Dora was an active member of the Visual Art Society of the Cayman Islands and chaired the board until April 2010.In July 2011 Dora and her family moved back to the UK and now lives in Great Malvern, where she continues her fine art practice.


About her work:

“Abstraction is the foundation process in making my work. The unknown factor makes the journey unpredictable, as I search for human forms within the abstract. For me the human body conveys a feeling, an emotion, engaging the viewer with their own personal response.




American-born Julie Windler has been an award-winning Functional Potter since 1972.


The artist about her work: "Each piece of my pottery, by sight and feel, reveals a real part of me. The shape, weight, and feel of my work have the imprint of my hands and the tension or peace I was experiencing as the pottery was formed.  The overwhelming emotion experienced in making my pottery is pure joy.  If you listen very closely, when holding my work, you may hear an Italian tenor singing opera as that IS the music of my art.  A few special pieces are wetted with my tears as I was struggling to make sense of the sickness of a loved one, or perhaps my rage at the unfairness of life. The lines of my fingers are always present. My pottery is like holding my hand as you experience the feel and depth of my work: ..AND the color. Oh, the glazing:  the magnificence of the colors is like viewing a distant galaxy in the night sky, or an exploding nebula formed a million years ago.   The unique glazes not only reflect my mood, but the final color and appearance speak to the creation of firing at high temperatures: not unlike the tremendous heat and color pallet from an exploding star somewhere in a distant world.   The color, brightness, and texture of each piece are as unique as each person who would enjoy it. To experience my pottery, to hold it, to see it, and to own it is really sharing a part of me. I gladly share this, along with my love, to all who would pass my way."