Melissa Budasz


Melissa Budasz studied fine art painting at Camberwell and Norwich Art Schools (1997) and lives and works in London. She has curated and exhibited in several large-scale projects, events and exhibitions including  Uniqlo Tate Lates, Tate Modern (Feb 2018), a solo exhibition at Conway Hall, London (2017), Broadcasting House for the BBC 100Women (2016), University College London TEDxUCLWomen (2016), Gerald Moore Gallery (2015), Dulwich Picture Gallery (2014), Guys Hospital London Bridge (2014) and she was a prize winner in the Big Draw (2015) for a site-specific collaborative drawing she co-devised, Hidden Narratives Dangerous Liaisons. She was the Chair and Director of South London Women Artists (2013-2016) and the founder and former editor of ArtVerve Magazine (2014-2017). Her works are featured in public collections, including Conway Hall Archive Library and in private collections in the UK and USA.


Dmitry Dobrovolsky


Dmytro Dobrovolsky was born in 1968 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Upon graduation from The College of Art and Design in 1988 he commenced his studies at the National Academy of Fine Arts from where he graduated in 1994. Dobrovolsky has regularly exhibited his art in the UK for over 20 years. Dmytro has especially connected with the Holland Park area, having had two important exhibitions at the Leighton House Museum. His paintings are presented in private and museum collections in the Ukraine, the UK, the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel, Russia and Estonia, just to name a few. Traveling is an essential part of Dmytro Dobrovolsky’s search for inspiration. Each new place gives him new ideas, new colours, new shapes, new moods and a different outlook.


Lalage Florio


Lalage Nydia Florio Hacker was born in Turin in Italy. After graduating from the Collegio Mellerio Rosmini of Domodossola, Lalage enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture in Turin where she studied for two years. Furthermore she decided to attend the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, School of Decoration, under Nicola Maria Martino. With great response, she immediately started to exhibit her  work in Italy and abroad with a solo exhibition at the Italian Institute of Culture in Stuttgart. Her first curated exhibition was a project against violence towards women. She also organised the Italian pavilion at Master Olofsgarten in Stockholm with an exhibition of emerging Italian artists. In 2014 she moved permanently to Germany and in 2017 her project TABULA RASA was born. She now regularly exhibit her work in Italy and Europe.


Allison Harrell


Allison Harrell’s art is always a conversation - reflective and connecting without final conclusions. Materials have personality and purpose staging subjects in an ecosystem of intent. The compositions


synthesize photography, moving image, sound, wood, metal, lighting and optical filters.  When experienced, they coalesce and re-simplify, eventually crossing the bridge between the senses and the heart, mingling art and science.  “Now is a redefining time of existent constructs for new applications, less a process of creation than a reassembly of understanding.  Likewise, the intersection of cognitive learning and emotional intelligence, rationality and intuition, even commerce and art… re-centers human expression.”


Following her Photography MFA completion in 2010, current and recent exhibitions include Artexpo NY, MVVO AD ART NYC, International Women’s Day Fair by One Art Space, TriBeCa, NY in 2019; Sotheby’s New York AD ART SHOW, Kips Bay Decorator Show House, NY, NY,  Photo Independent at Fotofever, Paris, FR, Chester Arts Fair, Chester, UK, “She Is” and “Eternal Summer” by One Art Space, TriBeCa, NY and Ampersand Studios Miami Basel Curation, Miami, FL in 2018; Ward Nasse Gallery, SoHo, NY; M Boutique Art Miami Viewing in 2017.


Allison also partners with Andre Mistier as the COllective heART, an entity creating interactive public art works.


Katerina Hasek


About me: I am a Czech born artist working between London and Prague. The wide rage of materials used in my work and the combination of several disciplines including digital art, drawing, painting and textiles, plays a key part in my practice.


I treat the fabrics I use as a canvas. I dye, print and paint them so they almost resemble a painting themselves, just to tear them and cut them to reassemble them again to create a brand new piece. In place of pen and pencil I use thread to work further into the piece. The individual pieces of fabric are bound together with delicate sketch-like stitching that adds an extra depth to the final piece.

For my latest work from “The bug series” I draw inspiration from all aspect of nature, its colours and patterns, but mainly the tiny residents often ‘hidden’ or ‘overlooked’. Now magnified and exposed with their true beauty on display.


I trained at Camberwell College of Arts and graduated from Central Saint Martins in Fine Art. My work can be found in international private collections including the United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Australia.


Diane Ponder


The artist Diane Ponder, from Chicago, USA, elevates quiet, intimate human moments, depicting her female subjects' internal visceral emotions with unusual grace and attention that expose the psychology of her muses. Providing the audience with a visual contrast to the subtlety and delicate features of her figurative subjects, Diane balances her composition with the coherent shapes probing the relationship between humans and nature.


Her art refers to the passing of time and the dance of the quotidian. She began with mud and sand, ball point pen and pencil as a child, and continues to expand into a variety of materials. These materials include oil paint, salt, wax, string and linen. Emphasis on natural and non-toxic materials benefits the artist and collector.


She has shown nationally and internationally in art fairs and galleries. Only woman in Saudi Arabian Gallery first abstract art show.


She recently was in an art fair in Hong Kong and Art Expo in NYC. Featured in November at her gallery, Studio 26 in the East Village, NYC. She featured in the Select Art Fair in NYC 2015, and Aqua and Art on Paper in Miami in December.


She was artist in residence for years with Oak Park, Illinois' The Art House. She was in a PBS broadcast about an arts project in support of Sarah's Inn, a womens' shelter. She has featured in shows at the Cultural Center Peace Tower of Mark do Suervo in Chicago, at a long term exhibit at the visitors center at Navy Pier and exhibited and also curated several shows at the Hyde Park Art Center.



Most recently moderated a program for CAN TV Senior Network concerning Cornelia Arts Building and Chicago Artists Month, including artists at the current Robert Morris College show.


A recent curated show was during Chicago Artists Month 2014, co-curating a new art space at Art Supply last fall. She has also curated shows in the Hyde Park Art Center.


She was included in Art From Excess, a show curated by Chris Toepfer in the Marshall J. Gardner Center for the Arts in Mills Park, Indiana. She is currently showing art in Montserrat Gallery in nyc, Thrivent Gallery in Chicago, Praxis Gallery and osom gallery in Chicago. She is included in a show in Bhutan in July.


Her education includes a Visual Arts Certificate from the Graham School of the University of Chicago, where she also studied as an undergraduate. She was also part of the Bridge Program and also Center Program at the Hyde Park Art Center, which partnered with the Graham school.


Ludmila Riabkowa


Ludmila was born in Nizhny Novogrod, Russia 1969. Having graduated from the best Russian art universities, she was working with the Russian Theatre and found this collaboration very inspirational. She then moved to Poland and settled down there.


Ludmila about her work: “I never stop creating. My work is inspired by folklore and stories from Russia, Germany and Austria. However, my art can be found in private collections all over the world.”


Natalia Schäfer


The freelance artist (since 2004) was born in 1972 in the Southern Urals in Russia. Since childhood she loves to experiment with colors. For a long time Natalia Schäfer has not worked exclusively with classical acrylic painting techniques. Her work uses various painting, structure and spraying techniques that underline her contemporary style and give the pictures even more individuality, creativity and liveliness. The search for new shapes and color combinations make her extraordinary works an extremely decorative eye-catcher. This is also appreciated by their steadily growing fan base from South Africa to Canada. Natalia Schäfer has already had various exhibitions at home and abroad. In addition, she has been supervising a gifted education project for elementary school students in the field of art since 2009, as well as workshops for children and adults, designing indoor and outdoor spaces for business and private clients. In 2008, the cooperation with Korsch Verlag began. The result is diverse and successful wall calendars, planners and notebooks of extraordinary appeal.

Artist about her work: The pace of modern life accelerates more every day. Most people live in stressful "passing by" without taking the time to appreciate the beauty around us. With my art, I want to give the viewer a moment of time-out, a rest, with memories of how beautiful life is. I am in love with our planet and like to play in my art with colors of nature, organic forms and materials.Thank you for your interest, feedback and supporting my art.


Terez Sulyok


Images of nature,scenes of town life and of course the eternal issues of faith and human existence all serve as a source of inexhaustible inspiration for Teréz Sulyok.Using varying techniques, she leads us to her world of cotinuosly transforming feelings, the universe visible to her alone.The translucent, floating contours and the dreamlike shapes of her watercolors seem to remind us of the fragile,transient nature of being.Then all of a sudden , with firm and steady lines she reconstructs the physical reality of a landscape,a wall or a building,all of them existing in our present but originating in a reminiscent past.Precise and reserved ,she can be also expressive and passionate or dreamy and romantic as well.This diversiti makes her work amazingly colorful and interactive,a daring experiment of a tireless mind ,a genuinely woman artist.


Anna Wouters


Anna has dual British and New-Zealand nationality and grew up in Chester, UK. She now lives in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England. Education: BA Honours Visual Studies/German, Oxford Brookes


University, Oxford. After giving up work in Publishing and Export Sales, she now paints full-time. She is fluent in Dutch and German. Anna aims to capture the feeling and atmosphere of a place in paint. She paints landscapes from around the world and townscapes of Europe.


Rawia Zantout


Rawia Ghandour Zantout has a degree in Business and Finance from the University of Southern Europe in Monte Carlo, Monaco, although her real passion has always been the arts.

Rawia finds her inspiration in the works of prominent Impressionist painters many of whom lived and worked in the south of France where she lived and studied. Her work thus mirrors the magical reflections present in nature.


Rawia finds her inspiration in the works of prominent Impressionist painters such as Monet, Renoir, Degas, Pissarro and Manet , many of whom lived and worked in the south of France where she lived and studied. Her work thus mirrors the magical reflections present in nature.

Her career initially began with creating art for children. She set up a center the ”Mishmash Kids Club”, that taught children paintings and the skills required should they pursue careers in the arts in the future.

In 2006 Rawia was commissioned to create a range of paintings for Bank Med, with a focus on ecological themes mainly present in the landscapes of her homeland, Lebanon. Her works were printed as lithographs and distributed to thousands of bank customers. In Parallel she also worked with Byblos Bank and Audi Bank.

In 2007, the artist, torn by the turmoil in her country, delved into the political side of art. She thus sought to crystallize the March 14 Revolution in Martyrs Square and after that the strife of the Arab Spring.


Her love for fine arts set her to find “my own world and my own style”, to create beauty and joy, so people might find meaning and happiness in life...


She was also commissioned to paint several portraits of World and Lebanese leaders including President Vladimir Putin, President Michel Aoun, Troels Povlsen, PM Saad Hariri, FPM Fouad Seniora etc… Rawia has participated in over 18 exhibitions in Lebanon and abroad.


Wendy Yeo


Wendy Yeo was born in Hong Kong, where she studied Chinese painting techniques. At the age of seventeen she moved to England to further her art studies at the Slade School of Fine Art, University of London. She graduated with many prizes and completed an additional postgraduate year.

She won an Arts Council prize and a Travelling Scholarship to Italy and Paris, where she attended Atelier 17.


She has exhibited widely in solo exhibitions in Europe, the U.S.A. and Hong Kong.  Her work has been featured also in many mixed exhibitions and is to be found in various public collections including museums and universities.  She has taught art, lecturing for six years on the history of Chinese art at the University of London’s Department of Extramural Studies.


Wendy Yeo is chiefly known as a semi-abstract painter whose work is inspired by landscapes, townscapes and organic forms in nature, who combines the individuality of Western art values with her own interpretation of traditional Chinese brushwork and atmosphere. She has travelled throughout Europe, Asia, North Africa, and North America to seek inspiration and has captured on canvas and paper the essence and uniqueness of diverse regions.


In 2007, Wendy Yeo was elected a Member of the Watercolour Society of Wales.


In 2010 she was elected a Member of the Reigate Society of Artists.



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