Chloe Shalini


Born in Birmingham in 1978 and raised between there and London, Chloe graduated from the University of Birmingham with a BA in Social Policy in 2002 and then worked in mental health/dementia care/holistic health worker for the next few years until 2010. Always drawn to painting, especially in oils, usually with a spiritual and figurative theme, Chloe had been gradually turning to art as a career from 2004 due to various health issues. Her work has been in various different art shows and exhibitions over the past 14 years.


Chloe describes her paintings as symbolic, a little surreal and always bold both in terms of colour and imagery. They are a reflection of her experiences and intentions, which all stem from a deep desire to create something that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as energetically positive. She finds pictorial symbolism more powerful than that based on words alone and feels she has gained a lot from the creation and viewing of visual art and hopes to add to that body of uplifting creations.


Presently, Chloe is focusing on the theme ‘Awakening the Divine Feminine’ which initially started with a series of paintings on the subject of ‘Making Peace with Yourself’ several years ago. By using images of the Goddess, Chloe is building a collection which depicts the many aspects of the inner feminine energy. By focusing or meditating on the attributes of each Goddess we can find ways to strengthen those qualities in ourselves. A collection of Divine Masculine paintings is also in progress. Other themes include animal mandalas and sugar skulls. Chloe enjoys doing a variety of other styles and often takes on commissions for such work.