Born in Paris, France in 1923 to Hungarian parents. He studied ceramics, drawing and painting in both Paris and Budapest. In 1960 Sucsan decided to pursue his artistic career in Montreal, Canada.


He works across mediums, objects and craft, making fine art, murals and sculpture. He created more than one thousand paintings in oil, this in addition to large ceramic murals and ceramic plates. Other significant works include: acrylics, drawings, ink, pastels and engravings. His work was included in many private and public collections around the world.  His greatest achievements include: a Medalist of the academic society of Paris "Arts-Sciences-Letters"  and participation in the UNESCO's "Hope and Optimism" portfolio.


'To frequent the work of Charles SUCSAN is to enter a world in constant flux where sensitivity and spirituality go hand in hand in an always expressionist context. Sucsan is a spectator as much as an actor. His work takes its roots in the reality in which it evolves. However, we feel in his paintings something that exceeds the vision of everyday life and which is more of the action he wants to exercise on his environment. The originality of Sucsan lies in his immersion in a fierce struggle to dominate the material and expressiveness he wants to adorn. The figurative style of Sucsan is multiple and deep. Each part of this pictorial work is part of a precise quest in itself. Each painting is a deliberate choice that may have no visible link with the previous one but whose continuity is present through form, color, graphics, temporality. Inspired by contemporary trends, Sucsan remodels them with a flawless inspiration since not only a fourty-year career, but a lifetime full of impressions, reflections and decisions in a search for perpetual becoming.'  Jacques de Roussan, Art Critic