City girl. This show how a small town girl moulds herself to the big city and is strong to take on the world. The defined bold features of the girl depict she is strong and the foliage going on to her face depicts how she has moulded herself to the big city.
Ashima Kumar - City Girl
Mother is as strong as the tree with deep and strong roots. She is the creator and is always there for her children, protecting them from all the ills of nature.
Ashima Kumar - Affection
Blooming nature. She takes the energy from the power and spreads happiness depicted by the bloomed flowers.
Ashima Kumar - Blooming Nature
This is a unicorn, that symbolises purity and innocence. The white colour is the colour of purity and perfection. It is associated with the feminine.
Ashima Kumar - Pure and Perfect
The Creation you see has been designed by Ashima Kumar. It features her hand illustrated artworks as a digital landscape. When you wear it, each fold gives a different colour perspective enhancing your outfit.
Ashima Kumar - Lingering Fragrance - scarf