Bogdan Dyulgerov


Artist about his work: "I believe that art is a form of energy and the artist’s role is to materialize this energy, to give it shape.


It’s a kind of a stream of information that passes through the artist as if through a portal. When the portal is open for me, I start to create. The information flows, time is not enough, and I often paint several pictures simultaneously.


Throughout the years, I have gained experience that helps me recognize in which particular moments it is important to create. I never force the moment or the nature of the process.

I let the pictures happen and resonate. I perceive myself as a musician.


What intrigues me the most in painting is to use colours and nuances that “love each other”. When I look at a picture, the colours are always most important to me.


I am often asked whether the artist or the sculptor in me prevails. It usually turns out that after a long period of painting I start to feel depleted and at that point I know that it’s time to create a sculpture. These cycles have been repeating for all my life.


I am not looking for precise anatomical shapes in a sculpture. This is an exactness that I want to escape from. I am interested in the feeling, the emotion that radiates from a figure. "