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Beata Maria Rzepecka

By gabrielfineart, Oct 27 2016 01:32PM


Childhood Memories at the Bhavan Centre in West Kensington


Screening of Monday’s Child with Introduction

and Q&A with Child Pyschotherapist

and artist Sandy Layton

Gabriel Fine Arts is screening Monday's Child by Lynn Barnett, a short film about a Nepalese baby girl. Her father was a subsistence farmer and her mother looked after the home and her children. The film traces the first year of the baby's life and the struggles this family faces to survive. The importance of traditions and rituals in the lives of rural Nepalese people is brought out in the film.This film sheds light on mother and baby relationships in a culture where traditions and rituals still play a strong part in daily life.

Sandy Layton specialises in early life psychoanalysis having worked for many years as a child psychotherapist and as a teacher in Infant Observation. She will be introducing the short documentary and have a discussion with the audience after.

Devaki Thomas will deliver a short talk on the effectiveness of the arts as a way to reach children and young people who have experienced trauma. Hailing from Western Canada she has recently completed studies in Education at Goldsmiths University ‎focusing on the arts relating to healing trauma in her final dissertation. She has a background in the arts, touring as a professional musicians for 10 years in Canada, founding and directing a music festival for 10 years, facilitating countless dance, music and movement workshops for children and adults and in London working in Arts Marketing and Events. For this exhibition she will combine her findings from research on Arts and Trauma with her own experience as a practicing artist.

Saturday 29th October 16.00-19.00


Gabriel Fine Arts are hosting

The William Blake Congregation

Poems of Innocence and Experience

Sunday 30th October 14.00-16.00

With an introduction by Dr Richard Primavesi

Dr Richard Primavesi (MB,BS, DCH, FRCP, FRCPCH) is a consultant paediatrician, who deals with all aspects of mother and child care and he’s a Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.


Halloween Art Party with a live DJ and Halloween Movies Screening

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