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Through the eyes of an Artist - Corporate Social Responsibility....

By gabrielfineart, Oct 18 2016 09:44PM

A business is like a small state – incentivizing its employees to work and profit, and taxing them accordingly. It provides a structure, a framework, for useful activity to take place and then protects and compensates where necessary. But a business is supported first. It is lent to and enticed to trade through tax incentives, cheap borrowing and active lending by the state proper. It is, in a sense, induced or seduced into business. Only later, when it is secure, does a business support in turn – its employees or the community from which its employees came from. When it does, its employees thrive; when its employees thrive a business thrives. This is a virtuous circle. The community that created the conditions and the employees for the creation of business should therefore be supported.

How? Corporate social responsibility. It is not just an abstract social duty but an active interest of businesses to support the communities they exist in. An art space is an anchor for the community and for businesses (art is big bucks after all). The artists and the art these spaces play host to bring local and international communities together to celebrate new ideas and innovation. It offers opportunities for local residents, families, groups and businesses to experience difference, creativity, and the value of ideas; to create networks and build relationships that improve the areas we live and work in.

Art is international in outlook - it brings people, ideas and investment from all over the world. This cultivates public spaces, improves the food we eat, the things we do for leisure, the way we work, think and relate to each other. It supports happy people who create happy communities, families and businesses.

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