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Beata Maria Rzepecka

By gabrielfineart, Mar 20 2017 11:29AM

Group multimedia exhibtion which explores connections between art and culture

from across the globe.

This time we are also celbrating UK-India Year of Culture 2017

in a collaboration with The Nehru Centre in Mayfair

Exhibition Dates: July 10th - 14th 2017

Our Special guests: Marpi and Archan Nair with their installation EUTOW

Archan Nair is a visual artist, and illustrator based in New Delhi, India. Known for his specialization in

digital art and mixed media. Some of Archan's clients include brands like Sony and Nike.

Marpi is a San Francisco based Technical Director / Digital Artist currently working at Obscura Digital.

His experience spans thirteen years in the industry, including 11 years in digital production environments.


By gabrielfineart, Feb 12 2017 05:19PM

"Maybe it is naive to say art is the universal language, and that we can open windows for all to see that we are one community. Yet, if art can’t, nothing can."

Big thanks to John M. Eger from San Diego State University for your collaboration regarding our next show Universal Language.

John M. Eger, is the Inaugural Zahn Professor of Creativity and Innovation; Van Deerlin Endowed Chair of Communications and Public Policy; and Director of the Creative Economy Initiative at San Diego State University (SDSU). He teaches in the School of Journalism and Media Studies, and the SDSU Honors Program.

Earlier he was Principal Adviser to the US President for telecommunications policy, Legal Assistant to the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, and Director of the White House Office of Telecommunications Policy, where he helped spearhead the restructuring of America's telecom industry.

Later he was Senior Vice President of CBS responsible for worldwide enterprises, which opened China to commercial television.

Please find his full article below:


More info coming very soon!

Team @Gabriel Fine Arts

By gabrielfineart, Dec 4 2016 11:56AM

Celebrate your Christmas with Gabriel Fine Arts!

Join us for a joyful celebration and Christmas blessings. The end of the beginning and beginning of the end...Bring your loved ones and cherish this special moment with us.

Thursday 15th December 6-9pm

Join us for a special performance by Marcia Mar

and needle felting demonstration by Annie Brown

Thursday 22nd December 2-6pm

Creative family event with face painting and drawing workshops. Send your wishes to Father Gabriel !

Thursday 22nd December 6-10 pm

70's disco Apocalypso with live DJ


By gabrielfineart, Oct 27 2016 01:32PM


Childhood Memories at the Bhavan Centre in West Kensington


Screening of Monday’s Child with Introduction

and Q&A with Child Pyschotherapist

and artist Sandy Layton

Gabriel Fine Arts is screening Monday's Child by Lynn Barnett, a short film about a Nepalese baby girl. Her father was a subsistence farmer and her mother looked after the home and her children. The film traces the first year of the baby's life and the struggles this family faces to survive. The importance of traditions and rituals in the lives of rural Nepalese people is brought out in the film.This film sheds light on mother and baby relationships in a culture where traditions and rituals still play a strong part in daily life.

Sandy Layton specialises in early life psychoanalysis having worked for many years as a child psychotherapist and as a teacher in Infant Observation. She will be introducing the short documentary and have a discussion with the audience after.

Devaki Thomas will deliver a short talk on the effectiveness of the arts as a way to reach children and young people who have experienced trauma. Hailing from Western Canada she has recently completed studies in Education at Goldsmiths University ‎focusing on the arts relating to healing trauma in her final dissertation. She has a background in the arts, touring as a professional musicians for 10 years in Canada, founding and directing a music festival for 10 years, facilitating countless dance, music and movement workshops for children and adults and in London working in Arts Marketing and Events. For this exhibition she will combine her findings from research on Arts and Trauma with her own experience as a practicing artist.

Saturday 29th October 16.00-19.00


Gabriel Fine Arts are hosting

The William Blake Congregation

Poems of Innocence and Experience

Sunday 30th October 14.00-16.00

With an introduction by Dr Richard Primavesi

Dr Richard Primavesi (MB,BS, DCH, FRCP, FRCPCH) is a consultant paediatrician, who deals with all aspects of mother and child care and he’s a Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.


Halloween Art Party with a live DJ and Halloween Movies Screening

By gabrielfineart, Oct 18 2016 09:44PM

A business is like a small state – incentivizing its employees to work and profit, and taxing them accordingly. It provides a structure, a framework, for useful activity to take place and then protects and compensates where necessary. But a business is supported first. It is lent to and enticed to trade through tax incentives, cheap borrowing and active lending by the state proper. It is, in a sense, induced or seduced into business. Only later, when it is secure, does a business support in turn – its employees or the community from which its employees came from. When it does, its employees thrive; when its employees thrive a business thrives. This is a virtuous circle. The community that created the conditions and the employees for the creation of business should therefore be supported.

How? Corporate social responsibility. It is not just an abstract social duty but an active interest of businesses to support the communities they exist in. An art space is an anchor for the community and for businesses (art is big bucks after all). The artists and the art these spaces play host to bring local and international communities together to celebrate new ideas and innovation. It offers opportunities for local residents, families, groups and businesses to experience difference, creativity, and the value of ideas; to create networks and build relationships that improve the areas we live and work in.

Art is international in outlook - it brings people, ideas and investment from all over the world. This cultivates public spaces, improves the food we eat, the things we do for leisure, the way we work, think and relate to each other. It supports happy people who create happy communities, families and businesses.

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