Born in Romania, Bianca is a California - based contemporary artist painter. Since the beginning of 2008, Bianca has participated in several exhibitions in California. In addition, her art was also featured at international exhibitions held in Europe. While in the USA, Bianca's painting "The Dragon" won third place at the Moorpark Art Festival in California (2009). Her work also hangs in several corporate locations in her native country and in private collections in Los Angeles and New York.


Artist about her work: “In life as in my paintings I am deeply inspired by nature. Because I love and respect nature so much, I try to protect it by showing its beauty on my canvases. Ever since I was a child, from my first drawings, nature appears as a leitmotif profoundly meaningful to me.  I let my imagination to be exhilarated by it and to develop fully into the serenity of my paintings.


I use both organic and inorganic media -- they merge on the canvas -- they stay alive and recycle. Everything that is shiny in my art symbolizes the walk into a fantastic world where the fairy tales come alive and all of the elements of the universe intertwine.  As I paint, (strong colors, bright red, bright gold, deep blue), I represent my imagination as it crosses into another dimension.


It happens often when I go to bed that I have colors, images, bits of nature and life in my mind.   Many times I dream about what I will paint the next day -- the raving beauty of the nature, her colors, her textures – she guides me when I paint.  The special technique of painting that I utilize gives my dreams and my soul the freedom to flow onto the canvas -- to represent the beauty of nature all around me -- to be at peace with the world.”