Ann Palmer


Ann Palmer lives in Rochester and spends up to 3 months a year in her cottage in the Loire Valley in France.  She has been drawing and painting from 2007, taking up oils 8 years ago. Ann works in OILS principally land, sky and seascapes, often working directly out of doors in front of the scene. Her larger paintings are developed in the studio from her experiences en plein air, sketches and photographs.   Ann gains inspiration from her travels to the coasts of Cornwall and Normandy as well as her home county of Kent.


Ann is married to John;  they have three grown up children and 7 grandchildren.  Ann grew up in Wiltshire and Somerset, and met John who is also from Bath, in Edinburgh in the freshers queue for medical school. Ann spent her working life as a Public Health doctor, and took up painting when she retired in 2006.


Largely self taught Ann has attended local art classes and done a lot of reading and visiting museums and exhibitions; she has been to a number of master classes, notably with Mike Chaplin, Crawfurd Adamson, Alan Bordier and James Willis.


Ann developed her reputation as a plein air painter; working in the vineyards of the Loire Valley and around the Kent Coast where until last year she worked out of a beach hut in Whitstable.  Ann now has a studio in Chatham at the Nucleus Arts Centre where she exhibits in the Halpern Gallery;  she also works from home painting in her conservatory and using her Attic Studio for preparing canvases and framing and storing her work. Currently Ann is working on a series of shoreline, sea and skyscape paintings around the Kent Coast and Cornwall.


Ann builds her own canvases using stretcher bars and 12oz cotton duck, then primes them with 3 coats of acrylic primer and/or gesso.  She usually coats the canvas with turpsy red, often Indian red, sometimes Burnt Siena. When this is dry she lays out the scene with a thin coat of oil paints then building on this, firstly using a brush, then layers of thick oil paint applied with a palette knife.  The extent to which the painting is built with more impasto depends on the scene and mood. Ann’s style is impressionistic, representative tending towards some abstraction and expressionism.


Ann’s Kent Coastal paintings depict the beaches of Whitstable and beyond on the coast of Kent at various times of day and year, state of the tide and weathers and are inspired by Ann’s experience painting on the beach in Whitstable and the Kent Coast. Ann has been painting in Whitstable for several years, standing on the pebbly beach watching the tide ebb and flow, the morning mist across the Swale (the water which separates the Isle of Sheppey from the mainland), the light on the horizon, the clouds coming in from the west over London, and the light out to sea to the north and east. The low tide exposes sandbanks, pebbles, seafood for the gulls to seek. Ann has recently spent some time in Cornwall and is now working on a new series of Cornish beaches and Poldark Coastal paintings.


In addition to exhibiting with Gabriel Fine Arts Ann also exhibits in Capital Arts Gallery in Eltham, the Horsebridge Arts Centre in Whitstable, and the Halpern Gallery at Nucleus Arts Centre in Chatham where she has a studio.  Ann also has a travelling office exhibition of 10 large seascapes in oil with Little Van Gogh (  Ann was Chairman of the Rochester and West Kent Art Society for the last four years; she exhibits regularly with the Society and also participates in South East and Medway Open Studios.